Java apps Online function won't work on Zong and Warid

Java apps Online funtion won't work on Zong and Warid

Please help me, I am a java mobile developer and I use various mobile sets for testing. I used to test the online functions(using Webservices) and it worked fine using uFone and Zong, but recently(two months) sets like the Nokia C3 and 2700Classic wont run the online functions.

I assume they must have applied some sort of proxy to allow popular programs to run, but block others.

Uptil now Opera Mini and Mobi dictionary is working fine, but others arent working.

Any similar issues ?

R u sure ur opera mini working on warid?

Opera mini z nt working on warid frm the time when they banned facebook.

k I haven't tried opera Mini on Warid but its working fine on Zong