I've Started some forums, need help

My Website: www.artfrac.co.cc

I've started some forums that include stuff like art, poetry, story telling, community based stories that encompass a need towards teenage and early college years like audience, however, I've run into some problems.

I need help in resolving them.

a. The audience that I target is less professional, being in school myself, I want people from other schools/colleges to gather round and take a look at my forum. That way I could pique their interest and hence provoke some thought for them into joining my forum. I want more people to join the forum. I've seen that people my age, tend not to know about the technical aspects of such things. The biggest problem I've encountered is that people often don't even know how to register on a forum>>O.o . They wouldn't register on my forum but come what may, you can always find them on facebook, with extremely elaborate profiles

b. Even though I know quite some html, and actionscript, I'm definitely not master as this (hey im only 16) so some heads up regarding some php that works on phpbb2 would be very welcome.

c. I've hosted the forums on a personal domain, which is free. So, currently I'm working on a more attractive theme for my site. I asked many people from school to come have a look and they said that it was too plainish. I thought wiredpakistan is the simplest forum I've ever come across but it has so many users. Even though I think I do have a nice clean and interactive interface, I would appreciate all comments you post here.

D. The biggest problem I have is like canvassing people to join the site. Even though I've set all sections on the forum to be available to the public to see, people just have a little look and go away. They don't register. So its like i'm also advertising here for people to have a look at my site.

Would love it, if you joined it and contributed towards some discussions.

Its called Art Fraction , the direct link is http://www.artfrac.co.cc I'm the admin there, and I'm known as FracOverlord.

All help would be appreciated. What I need most is the word of mouth. If you like the site, I would appreciate it if you would tell your friends about it. If you are in some school or college, i'm sure it wouldn't do much if you'd just tell your friends to have a look. It'd definitely be contributing to the society.

One more thing. It appears like a Pakistani based society due to the local inferences however, people from all over the world are free to join the forum, and there are absolutely no colloqial cliques or language, but as they say the first step begins at home, so I've started here.

Btw: Thanks for moving the topic to the website section. My fault, im sorry.

Good effort, but you should get your own domain if you want/expect the forum to grow.

Personally, I'd not visit a forum that is bloated, clunky, and difficult to navigate. But if you want to attract your school mates, then go for a clunky interface by all means. :-/

As for why WP has so many members, it's because of the content and helpful community that more members join every day and feel encouraged to contribute to the forums. We don't really care about eye-candy.

Good luck growing your forum!

hello again everyone, I've found a redirection link for my website.

You can now goto http://artfraction.tk



Dead link

I've fixed the redirection link. My bad.

Seems nulled version.. I didn’t find your domain name in VB licensed users.

to run a successfull community , you have to

1.buy a hosting package with domain name

2. and licenced script or free forum scripts like phpbb or smf

cause you can't play long with bad tools.

would be better if you start with some licensed forum script or get any free one.

otherwise once you have a large commuinty. can make alot torubles for you :)

No, I'll ask my cousin what the problem is, he told me it was okay to use it. And you are right about big communities, it might become a problem in the future. Im still sorta confused, I try something new everyday as a test on the website and learn something new everyday.

well I’ll suggest you to use a free forum script rather than using playing with nulled scripts cause it will effect the name of your forum and secondly get a good hosting. Because free hosts are not reliable they shut the server when ever they want with out any announcement.

And you can loose your data. Infect if you have the backup.. Taking site back on track and online again will take 2-3 days, mean in that period you could loose many regular visitors.

[quote=", post:, topic:"]

Seems nulled version… I didn’t find your domain name in VB licensed users.

How do you check that? :S

Because i'm the customer of VB.. own 3 license :)


I forced my cousin to tell me if it was nulled, and it was, sadly. I asked why was it that he gave me a nulled script while he had a perfectly legal working one, and it was due to the money factor......I told him like 40 usd a year was something that I could always pay him back in pakistani rupees later. Apparently he hadn't thought of that. I guess it just didn't get to him. Anyways, I've taken the forum offline. Shifting it to MyBB using convertor.

Oh yea, I shifted from 101 hosting long ago, don't worry about that.

Use SMF, In my opinion it is best in all open source forums.

No, I just don't like the simple machines admin cp interface, sorta kiddish, and shifting from vbulletin, it was easier to goto phpbb3. Btw, I've uploaded content on the site so now the website is alive and kicking again.

Come have a look. www.artfrac.co.cc

still on free hosting

do you think sitefrost.com is reliable? where i know they are not. so make your forum back daily, and yeah keep the back on some other host. would be easy if you do this using any schedule working script.

newsit.es is pretty good for a free host

yea I keep backups daily now. Btw any non-paid host is not absolutely reliable, sitefrost won't be going away for a while because it seems they have quite a big user base and are still making money out of their reseller.

Btw, slave come to www.artfrac.co.cc, your account has been made. I think you should check your luck.slave account for the pass.

Yea, I'm using a script whereby once everyday when I logon to the site, it downloads a copy of the backup to my pc.