Issues with Wifi Router

I am using my own wifi router with PTCL DSL. While browsing through my wifi router, I face interrupted internet browsing while modem gives everything OK status and when I directly connect with modem via an ethernet cable it goes fine. The wifi router gets fixed automatically but persists with this problem. I am using TP-Link wifi router. Any advise?

Is the ethernet cable with which you connect your router

to the PTCL modem, the same with which you connect

directly to your modem ?. Have you tried sitting next to

the router, in the same room ?. Result, the same ?. Could

any settings in the router be improved upon ?. Have you

changed any ?.


"Don't buy TP-Link wifi router. Buggy with PTCL".


Sheikh 'Gracias' Chilli

has your router a rj port? lan card port, try to connect your pc with that port and also tell me have how do you connect your ptcl modem to router, normally there are 4 lan ports and one blue internet port. i suggest u to connct it with internet port.