Issue with Narada MPG200 batteries

Hello everyone,

Long time lurker, but a new user here. I am posting to get some suggestions and recommendation from experienced users at this Engineering corner (@farhan_ds). I upgraded my solar system from axpert to infini 10kw around 8 months ago. Along with the infini I opted for Narada MPG200 Gel batteries (2 strings of 4xseries). I have been facing issue with my batteries as they do not hold charge. I diagnosed 3 batteries which would drop below 10V under nominal load of 2000W.
I am in a process to request a favor from the vendor if he can claim the warranty. Warranty was 6 months. I am posting here cuz I am shocked on the performance and life of the batteries. I am sure there is something wrong with any cell of the battery. Fully charged bank of 4x 12v 200A Narada batteries gave me a backup of ONLY 35mins on 2000W load. Battery bank volatge dropped to 45.6V and low battery warning started.
My sacred sun sp12-245A batteries lasted longer than this.

I am thinking to have this battery bank troubleshoot and shift to tubular batteries. Any recommendations? I wish we could get Luminous batteries (India) here with their 5year warranty.

Setup: Infini 10KW, 6480W of Solar panels installed.

Did you buy the Narada batteries brand new?

Is the vendor from whom you bought them the official dealer or some third party? Mind you, there is a difference between being just a battery container importer and a proper company agent/distributor.

Regardless of 5 year or 10 year guarantees by battery manufacturer, the load cycling of batteries in Pakistan is too much. Assuming electricity going frequently (8 times in a day), the charge/discharge cycling count is too high. This is not normal operation on which the 5yr/10yr period could be calculated on.

They were brand new. Bought from Islamabad. You are right about the battery cycle but fortunately we have not been facing much electricity outage in Faisalabad.
Batteries were purchased through Hanergy dealer in Isb.

as mentioned above, and previously stated in so many threads. the gel or agm batteries are not meant for our ups use or with solar, the gel are meant for telecom use and AGM are to be used in RVs and other small scale projects where load doesnot exceed c/20 of the battery and not for periods longer than 2hours a day.

for heavy backup like a 10KW system, the only recommended options are using 2V cells, of 500AH or higher capacity… again they are very very very expensive when bought brand new, but they usually last a lot of years and mostly trouble free. and also they have an excellent replacement setup, where if one cell fails, you can simply remove that cell and replace it with new one, without breaking the bank over all the batteries. they will take very high solar power in to charge and are very deep cycle, very reliable. Properly importing brand new cells is not a task for any shop in market, only authorized resellers and importers like cosmiq internationals(the one i know of) . you may also buy used cells at a much lower price, and again, if cell fails just replace that one. luck of the draw though. available in lahore/ faisalbabd / gujranwala.

the 2nd feasable option is to buy 4x strings of AGS 220AH Giant sized batteries,… they last very well, atleast 2 years each… cost brand new at 1/3 price of gel batteries, have 6 month warranty, cells can be repaired easily too. they are affordable and very good, but cycle is around 2-2.5 years max. still at half the cost , the 2 time replacement would still be as good and cost effective as a new gel battery.

Well, this was my first experience with Gel batteries and one of the most bank breaking too… Oh well… I was going to go for 2V cells when I bought GEL batteries but due to the weight constraints and few other things I opted for these Narada batteries.
I was looking at Narada 2V600A cell (brand new) for RS. 19,000. Would need 24 cells for the 48V bank… Quite bank breaking, which I cannot afford right now cry
@farhan_ds: Do you think the AGS 220A batteries (quantity:8) can give backup and that deep discharge for my use? I never exceed 2500W load in evening time. In morning, I have no issues as I have plenty of solar power. My Max. Load so far is below 5000W.
Any experience with these tubular batteries?

Thank you all for the reply and suggestions

Have you tried Lithium batteries? Much better voltage response to load, higher nominal current rating and cycling. Just have to be careful to use a well designed BMS.

Haven’t tried lithium batteries yet. Aren’t they very very expensive??

Depends. Prices vary but shouldn’t be any more expensive than Gel/AGM.

issues with deep discharges will occur in evening… in day time, you probably will have upto 70% power coming from the solar panels, so load wont be issue, in eve when solar declines and AC is still running, the power draw shifts to batteries… thats when there is risk of deep discharge.

AGS 200x 8 would be sufficient for your load all day… plus a hybrid inverter with wapda input will ensure that batteries stay in optimal health

so far AGM are better than gel for our PK setups, Wet AGS and Pheonix are better and so far much more successful than AGM at half the price.

In search for expert and experienced advice to install solar at my home plz anyone can ?

How do I add pics here

The photos above show Volta tubular batteries 160 ah. 8 batteries on 24 volt run the house lighting fans etc, while 4 of them 48vdc run the fridge and freezer.
Off grid system with 12 kw eurener panels.
Running ok with backup diesel for water bore and charging batteries on overcast days.

Chickens taking a break on the diesel.

what devices are these?the black one