Issue regarding to payment

I already had payed my bill for this month, as i started it from 18th so i'm paying before 18th of every month.

But today when i started the browser it automatically redirected me to the LDN activation page saying:

"that you haven't payed your bill."

There were options below so i chose "i already payed the bill" it asked for the reciept no. NOw it is working fine.

Now the question is why did this page appeared as i've already payed my bill? Or am i missing any step from the payment procedure?

23 views no reply! WTF man! Don't you people pay your bill at LDN or what?

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23 views no reply! WTF man! Don’t you people pay your bill at LDN or what?

LOL! Relax!!! That’s only to avoid any problem due to their system. Now when you have selected i payed the bill they will check it in 1-2 days, so it will not appear until next month otherwise if you click it without paying the bill after 2-3 days your Internet will stop working and now there will be no option like this :P


I think you should call them and ask why message was appearing.

One thing more, always take a photo with mobile of the payed bill receipt and email them. This makes the interaction between you and LDN very easy as they also get some proof that the bill was paid. The problem normally sarts due to Meezan bank, who don't update the paid status.

From now on try to pay bill at Mobilinks Service Center. They are comparitively faster than Meezan bank.


Bro i wonder why does LDN has so shitty system. I've paid the bill as i already old so they won't be shutting it down :) . And as i told in my first post, it asked for receipt no so i entered it.


I never pay through meezan bank, i paid directly to the mobilink Service center . I think i'll give them a call.

What does this photo taking has to do with bill payments, don't they have "computerized" database? And to whom do you mail it? email address?

And by the way fellows i cannot bear my broadband going down for even one day! thats the reason why i am so anxious about it.


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I have emailed you number of times that I have made the payment at Meezan bank Jhelum.

Now every day you block my account.

I have attached the scanned copies of receipt but you don't listen or read.