ISP enforcing rules.. positive?

So, as you may have heard in the news recently, ISPs in UK will be enforcing the rules and help to catch all sort of offenders including people downloading pirated music, games, software etc. Some have agreed to simply send a first warning and subsequently disconnect the user.

One related article is here:

UK has considered such laws, with a potential of putting immense pressure on ISPs to comply and act as vigilante (enforcing public rules?). Here:

Do you think such anti-piracy rules will make their way to Pakistan? I doubt; Though these news can help us identify future trends. You'll have to give up the pirated content addiction sooner or later ;) - all the excuses will be in vain.

I don't even think they'll be able to enforce these rules abroad. Like I said before, its all about fighting technology with technology. Tomorrow someone will come up with a new encryption so the ISP won't know what the user is downloading. As for Pakistan, its still far far behind western countries when it comes to enforcement of piracy laws.

We are much behined western even in catching technology, so, dont worry about. lolzz

Many of the users on this forum intend to move to some foreign developed country :P

don't worry pirates will always be one step ahead..

thats why Pirates of the Caribbean was such a hit

Pirate technology too smart, what if people show that smartness for betterment of humanbeing. World would become JANNAT.

No it wont happen in Pakistan for many years to come. Not untill Legitimate Goods are offered here anyways. If you want something legit, have to import it.