ISO Splitter

I have an ISO image file of a movie which is almost 3.93GB.

For uploading it on web I want to split this big ISO file.

Please share a software through which it could be easily splitted and joined again after downloading. you need more okay here it is >

^Actually I tried winrar but don't know why it was not merging files after splitting.

Anywayz gonna try it once again.

See the tutorial to split:

Use hjsplit. It can split and merge files for you according to given size. It is also small in size and no need to install. Easy to use. So try it.

Use Winrar to compress the ISO. After installing Winrar, right click on your ISO file in Windows Explorer and choose "Add to Archive", a new dialog box will appear. In compression method choose "Store" if you want the process to be fast otherwise choose "Best" to get the smallest possible overall file size. Decide what file size you want for each individual part, convert it to Bytes and put it in "Split to Volumes" field (you can also choose from some preset values in the drop down menu). When you press OK winrar will create multiple files split to the size you mentioned and try to compress the overall data. To join it all together all you have to do is put all the volumes created by winrar into one folder and extract it, you will get back your original ISO file.