Islamic sms / authentic ahadees receive daily on ur cell

salam to all

please let me know your cell phone number if you want to receive daily free of cost Islamic sms / authentic ahadees on your cell ?


jazak ALLAH

Where do you get it from, and won't you be just wasting your credits/money?

why do i want to receive ahadith sms, whats the point i think its utter waste of time.

for 40 rupees i can go and get a computer CD with full quran recitation with audio translation and all generally accepted ahadith like sahih muslim and sahih bukhari and more or maybe can go buy books on that. that's so easy to read and understand.


and secondly Arabic word is ahadith (plural form) and not ahadees, simply meaning stories, try to write and pronounce as it should be pronounced in Arabic, and don't take the Arabic word and corrupt its pronunciation just because it fits well with your Urdu language, if you want to use in urdu then use translation urdu word which would be "kahani or kahanian' "

^^ common sense is really not available easily

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Where do you get it from, and won’t you be just wasting your credits/money?

its just a blessing to let others know what they dont know. if they are already know then its fine may b they will forward that sms to those ppl who dont know .

and i have an automated sms filtering and forwarding system which sends thousands of sms daily.

^ hmmmm gr8 and when u'll start to spam SMSs???? :P nice idea though.

^^ no spam ever and if i want to spam then y i will collect the numbers of Islamic mind people ????

think positive & b positive :)

if i want the cell number only , then the classified is full of thousand of cell numbers :)

isnt it ??

^ yups, it was a lite joke dont take on heart,,, u know these kind things are used spammers , who want to collect numbers for spamming and nothing else

yes , but a few among thousands are care to have blessings no matter how , they dont wanna miss a single chance to have blessings . And to promote and spread the RIGHT knowledge is a sadqa e Jariya .

any how

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yes , but a few among thousands are care to have blessings no matter how , they dont wanna miss a single chance to have blessings . And to promote and spread the RIGHT knowledge is a sadqa e Jariya .

any how


If you mean sms like “read the following arabic (which doesn’t make any sense unless you know the translation) a couple hundred times and you’ll get happiness” then no Thanks :P

no dear not tht typo thing .

it is like translated verses with authentic refrence of books.

hadees e mubarkah from sahih muslim / bukhari etc.

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no dear not tht typo thing .

it is like translated verses with authentic refrence of books.

hadees e mubarkah from sahih muslim / bukhari etc.


from the other posts here looks like not many people interested, and one important thing i told you before you should know about it yourself first before you write, specially about Islam.

as you wrote above wrongly “translated verses”, in hadith there are no verses, hadith has sentences which make up paragraph, “hadith” is an arabic word which simply translates to word “story” in English. hadith is simply an account of prophet Mohammad 1- what he did, 2- and what he said ---- in his life time as told by sahabi or sahaba.

since its word of men so every hadith authenticity is debatable, in 1400+ time of islamic history thousands of ahadith has been rejected by islamic scholars through out the time, but there are generally accepted collection like sahih muslim, sahih bukhari and some minor more collections.

Only Holy Quran has “verses”, definitional of “verse” could have generally two meanings.

1- A single metrical line in a poetic composition; one line of poetry.

2- One of the numbered subdivisions of a chapter in the Holy book, (in this case Holy Quran)

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sadqa e Jariya .
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hadees e mubarkah.


as i told you before the wrong Arabic word you wrote “hadees”, you made this mistake again second time.

again let me remind you please refrain from corrupting Arabic words just because it fits well with your Urdu language, I can tell you this as a native speaker of arabic language since i was born and raised in Kuwait. There is no relevance of “e” in Arabic and there is no such thing exist in classical Arabic of Quran nor in everyday spoken Arabic of today, wrongly used to combine two Arabic word, use of “e” is only native to sub-continent and maybe Farsi and it has nothing to do with Arabic at all.

Correct Arabic form is "Sadaqa al-jariya"


i got a clear example of the people who always see the minor and not important thing first !

the main thing is intention dear ! my intention is to spread the knowledge of Islam thru sms and it is hadees or hadith doesnt matter , please chk this you can find thousands of sites with the word


more over i know that the correct pronounciation is sadaqa and not sadqa but may i know willit b change if i m calling it sadqa in the roman english ?????????? NO NEVER !

the main thing is intention and my intention is not grabbing the words from yor post (although i can) but i wont as my intention is not prooving myself a sperior . And i would say again what i m use to tht common sense is really not available these days :)

verses ofcourse come from QURAAN (now please dont grab the word that y i put "AA" in the word QURAAN) and haddes are come from books like sahi muslim etc .

and may i know which ahadees e mubaraka are REJECTED from the scholars IN SAHI MUSLIM AND SAHI BUKHARI ??????????

and more thing , my islamic brother , let the ppl do their work if you are not interested to get the one from a person like me thn its ok dear , let others have the same if thy are willing to receive , i have received 34 numbers so far from THIS forum and alhamdoLILLAH sending 2 to 3 msgs daily to them. please dont chk the meaning of alhamdoLILLAH :)

today i received an sms n i want to share it wid u guys specially nadeem5476

"all mobile users ask for mercy and forgiveness frm ALLAH and donot forward any ahadits and Qurani AAYAT without any proper verification. It is the planning of jews that they make changes in ahadits and and Qurani AAYATS and fwd them to mobile users...and we muslims starts frwding these manipulated ahadits to others widout do spread this sms as much as u can to aware all muslims

^^ yes this is correct and thats y i always quote the refrence of the authentic books of ahadees like sahi muslim and sahi bukhari ibn e maja tirmizi etc

not only this if i receive any sms from any one tht forward this then 1st i compare tht with the books i mentioned above (also have software for tht purpose) and books too.

if i found the refrence and the text relevant with the books then i fwd the same to my list and if ther eis no refrence provided in the msg then i simply ask from the sender to send me the ref of i wont fwd the same to my list.

chk the below msg what i send to ppl

ok for example i m pasting what i fwd to the ppl here : chk it . thts a verse from QURAAN translated

AL-QURAAN - Sura Al Kosar (translation)


Aey Nabi (S.A.W.W) hum nay tum ko Kosar yani bohat zada bhalai ata farmai hai.

To apnay parwardigaar k liyey namaz parha karo aur Qurbani kia karo.

Kuch shak nhn k tumhara dushman hi bay naam rahay ga.


fwd this

its sadqa e jariya.

best use of mobile



Guys, donot activate nadeem5476's "Islamic sms / authentic ahadees receive daily on ur cell" service, a few days ago, one of my friends had texted his number to nadeem5476 & requested to activated this "service", from then he had been recieving SMS's from nadeem5476, after checking out these SMS's for these days my friend disliked the service (the SMS's actually) & today texted nadeem5476 asking him to deactivate this "service", but it seems mr.nadeem5476 only accepts incoming not outgoing.

My friend is still reciving these SMS's.

so guys DONT DO IT! unless you're sure about it.

^^ thts totally lie . i received one sms stopping service from the number REMOVED and i received his request today a few minutes before and i removed his number from my list . Simple !

i m really smiling this time as if i need only numbers dear brother then y i will collect like this ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

i will simply open the news paper and there are tons of cell numbers if i need to spam :)

use your brainmy dear friend and then write something . i m feeling like i m sitting between the satans :)

(so much offensive posts) :)

any how

jazak ALLAH

may ALLAH bless you ppl .