Islamic Android Smart Application - Muslim Dua Now

Do we ever think about countless blessing of Allah, which he grants us within a day? Most of you might give it a thought but do you accomplish it with some words of thanks to your Lord for each blessing. We are in practice of saying thanks cumulatively and want from Allah to bless us with all He has. The fact might be bitter but true. The best way of paying gratitude to our lord can be, say Duas for different tasks performed throughout a day. Allah admires when we request Him for different tasks. The knowledge about these Islamic prayers can be get through different Islamic apps one can be Muslim Dua series. It is available for platforms android and iTunes, Links to download are as following:

The application covers number of salient features help in learning different Islamic Duas. Details about features are as following.

Download Different Islamic Dua For different Ocassions - Android

Download Different Islamic Dua For different Ocassions - Itunes

Islamic Duas with Transliteration

This application covers duas for at-most 15 d

ifferent categories. Categories covers duas for daily tasks and some related with special occasions. All prayers provided in Arabic script along with roman Transliterations to make these verses easy to read.

Islamic Duas with Translation

Translation of these verses provided in five different languages, which covers Russian, Spanish, Chinese, French and English. You need to use scroll to see translation for some longer verses. This feature will help you to understand the true message enclosed.

Islamic Listening and Listing of Favorite Duas

The application provides you an opportunity to listen verses, which are recorded by expert recitals by considering tajweed rules. Use of this feature leads you towards correct pronunciation. Application provides you an option to maintain a list of your favorite duas as per your preferences. This will help you in easy access of duas you need on daily bases as per your requirements.

Alarm on Islamic Dua

Furthermore this application will help you in utter duas on time by using providing you an option of set alarm for different duas. You can set different alarm for different duas.

Share Islamic Duas with others

Application also provides an option of sharing this application with your beloved once by considering the fact. Sharing of good information to others is sadqa-e-jaria.