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Welcome to Islamasoft Solutions…

The future of revolutionized Islamic software starts here. We are a vibrant, forward-thinking software company aimed at offering exciting and innovative value-added solutions for the PC and now the mobile platform.

Our mission is to deliver unique, cutting edge solutions in the Islamic educational field, using innovative technology to enhance the process of seeking the true knowledge. We focus more on smarter solutions in order to make our products more enjoyable and easy to use. So expect our products to be very different.

Most should be aware of the PC based Islamic softwares & applications we have developed over the past 8 years. We will continue this work to bring you more new and exciting applications in the future.

We have pretty much seen all the commercial and freeware Islamic application that are available for the mobile platform today. We feel that there are key fundamentals missing in terms of functionality and user interfaces. We will try to change this for the good.

Of course, you can expect most of our softwares to be available free of charge. You can visit our download section to download all the currently available applications we have.

Also if you have any request for any particular software, then please let us know and we will try our best to develop this for you (provided we get similar request from others).


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Good luck for the novel endeavor