Islamabad G2G


I was in Pk for few weeks. Never had a wp g2g in Islamabad. Lets meet up ! I can share some tips on freelancing, ebay, paypal. Can anwser educational related questions and IT sector job scenes abroad. How about second week of September ?

What do you guys suggest ?

I am not a very interesting person, a shy personality indeed. But still I am up for it. Let me know when and where.

Not sure if that would be possible as a community g2g but i am up for it

Nd maybe a Lahore gtg as well?

seems interesting! depends on how many ppl are joining in!

Lahore G2G a must..!

I have organized lots of g2gs for which were successful. Turn out was really good. Some times, we crossed 150+ members too. Any one from ISB can take an initiative

@punk gr8 go ahead! Im guessing u have same nick at PW too :) i have also attended few PW meets!

Yes same ID at PW !

How about tuesday ? 6th Sept ?

TUESDAY! :o you should plan for the weekend! saturday night! Why not 1st september! and place? how about food street near stadium?

I was in Dikhan that time. I am back to Peshawar. So any thing in this week ?

My contact # is 03005077266