Is Yogurt is not better for health?

Some people say that Yogurt is not better for human health as it is "hot" (I am sorry for my poor English. "Hot" mean, as the water melon is "cold"). So is it true? If yes, then how to use it that it become healthful?

I take just 1/2kg yogurt in breakfast.

The person who told you this must be used to of drilling holes in the wall all the time..... :D

Having yogurt everyday is very healthy for the body cause I think it has live bacteria which helps digest food and reduce acidity. and frankly, you taking half a KG everyday in the morning is extremely beneficial.

I don't know other disadvantages of yogurt other then to not eat it when you have flu or caught cold cause the after-effects of yogurt are some what neutral or tends to be cool. Meaning, it does not generate heat in the body rather stays neutral or produces cooling effect which IMO is good considering most of the food we eat generate heating effect in our body which results in higher acidity.

people those told you yogurt is not healthy they must can't afford to eat it :lol:

Yogurt is extremely healthy. I usually eat the "low fat" ones because they taste better. Plain and all the fruit yogurts are healthy.

Infact, yogurt is nothing but a modified form of milk. If you say, yogurt is not good then milk must be injurious to health. One thing should be mentioned here, yogurt is indeed not good for those people who are suffering from osteoarthritis. A person who daily eats yogurt and drink large quantity of milk, he not only stays away from osteoporosis but also osteoarthritis.

Yogurt is extremely beneficial and nutritious for your body. But you have to look for two things:

1) It has live culture (otherwise it's just a cold custard)

2) It is not bitter or awful pungent (rotten-egg) smell. Just throw away the bad yogurt.

I usually eat 2 to 3 times a week with meal. But just like everything else, consume it in moderation. Milk or any milk base product in extremely excessive amount consume daily (like 2 to 4kg every day) over decades may (not necessarily) give calcium stones.

I prefer unsweetened either desi yogurt or plain Nestle (I don't like flavors but it's my personal choice) yogurt. Both have live cultures.

its best for health, khao piyo. Try not to use sugar to avoid obesity.

check this guys which are best for our health in the light of Quran and Sunnah

Hot and Cold concepts are from desi Hakeems......

I really the right question would be: "Which Yogurt is right for me: Desi or branded ?"

It's good in controlled quantity, long term extensive use may lead to problems. It is specially useful for digestive system.

A typical side effect of excessive use of yogurt / milk is elevated tri-triglycerides level if you don't have any exercise in daily life.

After all, Excess of everything is bad.