Is wateen 1mb unlimited capped at 100GB per month

Just wanted to know if someone has an authentic source or news regarding wateen 1 mb package as we all know before the revival of wateen 1 mb package was unlimted i personally downloaded over 100 gb in october.

Now i am confused as some internet sources are claiming that from november onwards 100 gb limit would be imposed and if u cross it u will have to pay 100 ruppee per gb. the most confusing part is that on the wateen website fair usage policy clearly indicates that there would be no cap on downloads a customer can make.

what i understand is that

**Unlimited means unlimited not capped at 100 GB just don't use it commercially for internet cafe or share it with other friends

*Available on data limit plans will mean if u cross the assigned limit u would have to pay 100 ruppee per GB

if anybody has any authentic information please share as i am hesitating crossing 100 gb this month. (if you want to see the fair usage policy follow the link)

The unlimited packages for consumers do not put any cap on the download customers can make.

No caps.

Moreover you cannot cross 100GB in one month. A month ago I downloaded 83GB.

i can easily cross 100 gb as i did last month :blink: moreover if u run your computer 24/7 for the whole month u would cross 250 GB at a constant 100kbps speed.

Well I only get 100KB+ download from 12am to 1pm. May be AP has a lot of users.

You are lucky to get 24/7 100KB+.

oh....... and i don't really use it much either mine is basically around 110 to 120GB per month at a stretch. i opened the thread because if the limit applies than 20 GB would mean 2000 ruppees lol which is more than the monthly rental... :wacko:

Well good news for the people who did not knew that it was actually not capped at 100GB per month

well to be exact i downloaded over 130GB and still was charged as usual 1498Rs/month. No extra charges

Thanks and This thread can be closed now :)