Is Wateem Still Alive


They came with lot of bang, to the level that they ran short of devices. However, it seems later they have landed in the hands of usual Pakistani technicians, who offer nothing more that "how can I help you".

Started very happily with them, services for internet worked very well for one year. Could never get the promised phone service with the device going. There was always some hitch, still I was happy as phone was not my need.

After one year, one good morning (or evening) they wateen just disappeared from our area (Chaklala Scheme III). Nothing explained, no reasons. Just kept calling them and they would keep mentioning, we would be up soon and it has gone for over a year now.

They are still there with the same old 1mb package from 4 years eh..

I heard they are planning some new competitive packages?


'wateem' kaun hai?

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‘wateem’ kaun hai?


This is what we are trying to find out?

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From Propakistani:

“Wateen has been reviving, we have been hearing. We know, through sources, that new Wateen management has been taking various steps to get the WiMAX giant back to track. Company is aiming to score half million subscribers in next couple of years.”

"Keeping in line with it’s efforts, Wateen recently awarded Greenpacket a two-year contract, worth millions of dollars, for the supply of high-gain modem, the UH350."

Full Article: Wateen Signs Multi Million Dollar CPE Supply Contract

not only alive it is going very great .

^ currently not opening :rolleyes:

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^ currently not opening :rolleyes:


It’s opening for here. :)

Have been informed from some fairly reliable sources that they are launching some new packages and will also be putting in a considerable effort to relaunch their brand as of November 1st.

mention the source

speeds enhanced .....


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Highly anticipated re-launch of Wateen Telecom is to see the light of the day on October 31st, 2011 – we have confirmed with sources.

From what we have heard so far is that there’s a press conference planned in Lahore on the same day in the evening.

New products, network expansion and new logo will be unveiled to the press and select bloggers.

Wateen is availing it’s second chance of getting deeper into Pakistani WiMAX market with plenty of new offerings that include a 2 MB package and further decrease in price for it’s flagship 1 MB package.

We are told that conference’s main highlights would be:

  • Change in management
  • Change of Logo (a teaser can be seen in print ad published today)
  • Network optimization and up time
  • Price cut for 1 MB Package
  • New Device

Wateen will target the masses with it’s industry best rate for 1 MB Package, which is now going to be cheaper than before. This will come bundled with powerful new device from GreenPacket.

Packages won’t be truly unlimited – but yes, they are capped at industry best rate.

We know that Wateen customers were not comfortable with the internet down time on Wateen, and this is where the company has worked in past few months. According to this source in company – Wateen has deployed 240 new sites plus optimized another 100 to make sure that there’s blanket coverage with minimum down time.

According to internal sources, Wateen’s downtime is now less than 4 percent – which of course they are trying to further optimize with time.

We will keep an eye on the launch – and will get the information to you as it will happen.


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On which Package do you have

1 mbps


2 mbps

This not speed of wateen.................................