Is VPN blocked?

since yesterday I'm not able to connect to any VPN service..

Is it blocked by PTCL ?

yes they are blocking all the vpns

Sometimes it works sometime not...using Hotspot shield...

I was using VPN to access youtube, now could you please tell me other methods of opening youtube except for hotspot shield ?

Also when I use site does open but it doesn't stream.


try with another vpn

I used StrongVPN (Paid one ) for last three months sep-dec and youtube worked great on it

now think there is no YouTube exists

Unless you are using your own VPN, a middleman vpn can't be blocked by ISP, you must be doing something wrong.

For me Spotflux stopped working since 2 days. It keeps Securing Connection then finding location Loop. :S

use zenmate chrome extension for proxy its working perfectly fine here

me too,hotspot shield can't secure the connection and for youtube ultrasurf is working fine .....

I'd suggest that you don't discuss VPN solutions here out in public. Use private messaging for such matters.

I agree with jDk and as I have said before ptcl can't really block vpn's. The only viable solution would be to filter and block each and every vpn server by their ip address and each vpn provider fields lots of servers, then there are hundreds of vpn providers.

Filtering and blocking them all would require substantial resources that I am sure ptcl is not interested in investing and then there are new servers opening everyday. They still haven't managed to block all p0rnsites just because there are so many.

If they block most usual ports that most vpn run's on then just use a vpn that you can route to another port manually (Hotspot shield don't allow that as far as I know).

If you are from Pakistan and want to access any blocked website like youtube then i think hotspot shield is the best way for you. Now it is available on mobile (Android & iOS) and desktop (Mac & Windows). I am also useing the hotspot shield for opening youtube. Hotspot shield also providing us free US ip address automatically. I will suggest you to get hotspot shield free version . For free download visit this website.;pop

Using strong vpn and its working fine

Youtube working fine on charji n wingle without vpn;)

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