Is there anyone here from RWP Cantt Exchange?

I have a connection from Cantt Exchange and my internet has been down since Wednesday after 9pm. They say that the exchange servers are down. I want to verify this from anyone who has a connection from this exchange. Everytime I phone them, they have a new story. "Some problem at exchange", "my port hang up", "some problem with the phone lines" and when I called last, it was back to "some problem at exchange".

Well - it's 9 PM, and the internet's working fine.

I do face the issue of higher pings - something that would generally be in the 30ms range is now near 60ms. Is that the case with you too?

A few weeks back, though, we had alot of trouble getting Smart TV and DSL working - one or the other would be down. Complained, and it did eventually get fixed.

No its not that it doesnt work after 9PM. It has not been working since Wednesday 9PM. The DSL light is stable but internet light is off constantly. They keep telling me that there is some problem at the Cantt exchange going on. Do you have a connection from Pindi Cantt exchange?

Yeah I do - but I don't face that problem as such. Once, the TV went down from 10PM or so until the following morning (well - I saw the error screen till the morning, didn't try refreshing/reconnecting then cause I was too sleepy and had to get ready for work).

Right now (past midnight), half of the channels have gone off. They randomly come on, then randomly go off. Not sure if it's a loss in the satellite signal or something.

My major gripe: pings aren't good anymore. Is that the case with you too?

I dont have any internet since Wednesday 9pm. I was hopeful that today it might come back but nothing so far. I am getting a wi tribe connection today. Sick of PTCL.