IS there any TOOL to SAVE EMAIL addresses and Passwords!

I have been using Internet for quiet a while now , i have various accounts on multiple sites, i also have my own websites, also various accounts at many sites like facebook, gmail,twitter.....etc, the PROBLEM is is there a tool where i can save all of emails and passwords , and i don't have to remember anymore, because its difficult to remember all the data now!

Also if there is an online service then ,Please tell me any solution !

Roboform. (

If you use Opera browser, it has superior password management built-in with online syncing and multiple accounts support on a single website.

i am using lastpass Firefox plugin since long.

highly recomended

Umm... Doesn't all major browsers come with built-in username & password savers nowadays?

any time you login with your name and Password browser will pop up a window for remembering or save just click on it

I have back up of all my usernames and passwords in google doc its very handy