Is there any person in Pakistan who may be Chief Software Architect

Please consider it serious topic!

As Bill Gates called Chief Software Architect of the world, is there any person in Pakistan who can be Top man in the field of Computer (Software / Hardware)?

Pay your commission to that psycho mongrel and you can be at the top. having actual Software/Hardware expertise are not required at all. just commission... :)

I am serious :mellow:

These are just titles given to themselves in business they own and nothing else, its not a some academic or proffessional designation awarded after completing some course or having some years of experience in certain feild.

well tommorow i can go and open up pan ka khoka and as the owner of this pan ka khoka give myself tiltle of "chief pan architect" and it may be odd but ifs perfectly legal.

Pretty useless title. And if someone think he/she deserve it then first they need to raise themselves to the level of Bill Gates (Microsoft), Steve Jobs (Apple), id Games, EA Games, etc. Not just "Bill Gates" of Pakistan but "Bill Gates" of the whole world. Otherwise, they should keep working hard until they make some name on the world's scene and their company is either supplying software like "Windows" or selling product like "iPhone". Not some product at no one knows.

Chief minister of Ponjab is enough for everything