Is there any difference between downloading and browsing?

Asking this since my connection (Connect Communications) gives me between 2-3 mbps while i download stuff through a download manager or even streaming youtube. But when it comes to browsing through different websites, it seems as if i've gone back to the 32k era.. I need to refresh pages several time to get through to the next page..tried all three mozilla, IE, Safari) but nothing seems to change

Is there any way i could tune up things in my browser so that i could make the most out of this bandwidth or i have to deal with it the way it is?

Thankyou! =)

well technically there the same coz when browsin u basically download information from a server on how the page looks

maybe you should try changing your dns servers?

i am not too sure if this would help though.

Everything in my connection properties has been set to 'Automatically detect settings'


multiple http requests vs streamed downloads, there is a lot more back and forth communication (think answers + questions) when you browse as opposed to when when you download where the communication (after the file has started downloading) is usually along the line of "did you get his part? no? ok here it is again? did you get this part? yes? here is the next part then..."

no i didn't get any of your parts, come again please


Its a ping issue....

as far as i can remember connect communications is a desi cable in khi..right?