Is There A Better Alternative To PTCL's WiFi (Modem+Router)?

Okay, so it came about that we needed wireless broadband

at home. We got PTCL's 4MB package with WIFI modem/

router. The only trouble is, it's performance is sketchy. The

signals aren't as strong as advertised in the manual. (It

probably has something to do with concrete walls, I presume).

In addition, wifi signals continuously fluctuate, going up and

down, making for a bumpy ride on the net.

Are there any worthy Wifi (modem+router) alternatives to the

Huwaei PTCL thingie, that can easily negotiate with PTCL's

service perimeters ?.

In order of priorities, something that is powerful, robust and

easily configured (OK, maybe not). It will have to go through,

on the average, three concrete walls and a first floor ceiling.

Sheikh '(Wire+Clue) less' Chilli

OK, I am leaning towards Netgear DG834G. It is a wireless

ASDL 2+ modem/router. I am guessing it's a step-up from

the PTCL widi modem and better quality than D-Link stuff

on Galaxy.

Unless, I am missing something...

Sheikh 'Hedging' Chilli

It would be better if you go with Wi-Fi router, which supports Wi-Fi N standard. Wi-Fi N standard is better with respect to coverage and signal strenght as compared to Wi-Fi G standard.


Get any 300 MBps WiFi-N router, if you have multiple computers connected to a single network. You won't have any signal problems.

Sidenote: Do check the Antenna Dbi values of router before buying it, the more it is, the higher signal strength would be.

OK, let me get this straight. Are you guys suggesting

that I switch to PTCL's regular DSL modem and then

connect a router (N standard) to it, for in-house wifi

connectivity ?.

If so, wouldn't a modem+router combo be simpler than

a separate modem and a separate router ?. With potential

for incompatibility issues down the line ?. Or are there

hidden advantages which a newbie in wifi is unaware of ?.

Is there any particular brand (D-Link, Linksys, Netgear,

Tenda, TP Link, etc) and/or model which you would dare

to recommend ?.

Sheikh 'Bun+Burger' Chilli

PS: I tried to find the decibel values of antennas, but

not readily made available on commercial sites.

Check Tenda W300D router, which is All-in-One solution with built-in ADSL2/ADSL2+ modem, N-series wireless router and 4-Ethernet port switch. It is available at czone at 3700 Rs.


Yes it is good to have a single device rather than two, but the modem+router combos (ADSL wireless routers that I have got to know up till now) don't have bandwidth management option i.e. one can't assign particular bandwidths for individual users. Also no third party firmwares are available for these models.

I have been searching for an ADSL wireless router which has bandwidth management option, but unsuccessful so far.