Is the NSA or any other agencies spying on you through VPN servers

Just a thought

Can the NSA or any other agency spy on us through VPN servers ???

- None of us can tell which IPs are we looged into, since they are masked anyway

- All our logins and exact information go into those servers

- makes easier for them to grab all the info and filter it out through network loggers.

- Can we really trust VPNs??

Any thoughts on it?

I think if there's a work around (VPS or VPN etc) for something being blocked on the interweb then it is equally possible to get monitored by an unwanted (or not) entity regardless of its scope or nature.

So yes I if can still view YT which is blocked nationwide, then NSA can monitor and probably is monitoring as we speak. After all, they have better excuse then mine i.e. national security and that too, of an entire country. And no, you can't really trust VPN or VPS for the very same reason.

IMO if you're really concerned about your privacy on the internet or even using a VPN/VPS in truer sense, keep it to yourself :)

What exactly made you think VPNs are secure in the first place?

VPS, on the other hand, can be as much secure as the level of control you have over its operation and functions.

I know they aren't safe, but I didn't think of the possibility of govt spying through them...

Anyhow, I am new to VPS, so can anyone provide me with any hints on which to use, or give a link to a good and updated article.

The truth is, if the govt. wants to spy on you, it does so by collaborating with the ISP, and no matter what VPS or VPN you use, the traffic ultimately goes through some ISP. You can minimize the risk by using HTTPS, or use offshore VPS/VPN to bypass local ISP, but that's just about it.

If you are trying to evade NSA, then I am afraid it may not be possible at all. I am not sure about what the world internet traffic goes through, but I am quite certain that it does, at some point, pass through some gateway that either exists in the US or is under control/monitoring of the US.

Someone trying to be a smart ass with the explanation but being dumb and thinking they NSA don't own almost all of those cheap VPNs already.

Ultimately, after the dust has settled, and the tally is taken, the NSA will have achieved the greatest database of high kwality very spankworthy porn since the Bengals sacked Baghdad back in the day.

^ and here we have it again, ladies and gentle men... !! Another Wire post.. !!!


NSA has more advanced software and hardware and more importantly buget, to buy, invade, hack, probe, anything and EVERYTHing going on the world.. , most of the technology being used in the world is the one which the USA developed, used, perfected and then moved on to better things, while the rest of the world started to catch up to their discarded previous generations... eg, most of the world is barely under 3G coverage..few advanced countries have 4G, while USA will soon be covering its entire map with LTE..therefore, to even think usa cant see or spy on us is absurd... if they want to, they can, and they will...just hope all of us are not on their wanted lists..

Paisa sab ka baap..!!!

@farhan_ds Setting a specific, achievable goal you are committed to, working persistently, systematically and diligently toward it is more powerful than money. And having the ability to do something does not mean you should do it. For instance, if you have a weapon, must you use it? Spying in this way is immoral and wrong, it will cause even greater damage than it has. This behaviour was predictable but is still disappointing. It shows me that despite appearing to be more responsible now, the USA is inclined to create instability as a matter of policy. On the one hand desperate, and on the other still aggressive, America doesn't have the political will to act massively to contain damage. Nothing less than a complete overhaul of the NSA will do. No laws or regulations can be trusted and even if they wanted to, no public official or set of officials can create a legal net. For organizations which act outside the law, which like the power and won't give it up, America should act for its own long term benefit.

Unfortunately, America does not even pretend very hard to be a responsible power anymore. Not even the "Oops!" and "Double Oops!" that we got after it atom bombed civilians in Japan (No whites were harmed, thank Allah!)

You are not a big boy until you make hard decisions, like giving up some of your toys. The NSA will never give up its porn.

^Now thats a wire post i like .. :)

Contrary to what you might have deduced form my previous post, i didnit mean anything like the USA is doing good, or protecting the rights of the people, heck not even protecting the rights of their own people.. the post was a response to OP, who said that is the USA able to spy on us despite VPS and VPS?.. and that was what i responded with that , YES, they can, cz they got the money, infrastructure, and the power to do so.. how did they get to that status? hardwork and smart investments / stupid decisions.. so they reserve the right to spend their money to gain info about possible security threats to their country and people.. afterall, if either of us was an american citizen , that would be pure patriotism.. same thing if were to happen to PK , we should and MUST be willing to sacrifice for our country`s security and peace.

sadly there are 2 things.. Neither is the US govt taking a proper action plan based on logical thinking and reasonable thought process which is basically leading to an abuse of power and a global public uprising against them including the US citizens themselves.., nor are we, the rest of the world in a condition to either fight back on our own, or unite together to form a formidable opposition... when we are ourselves dependant on them for survival and basic technology, we as beggars canot be choosy or dictate our terms.. we are only following in the technology pathway which was left for us by them decades ago.. there is no semiconductor industry in pakistan .. what should we expect..?

Nopes VPNS are not really safe. Although if u want to evade local ( pakistani) authorities than VPN can do the trick (our agencies cant track them.. not yet anyways). But if u plan to commit a big crime, in that case even our agencies can catch u (yes, NSA helps Pakistan im big terror cases or where US law has been broken e.g. hacking US govt websites etc)

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how to commit cyber crime using VPN

well all VPN and VPS service providers are liable to share customer information if asked by government agencies…

now its up to you what you have left for them to track you further let’s say you used your credit card with vpn service then it will be a green signal for them but if you used money service which can turn your physical money into digital money without requiring you personal information then its the end for them…

now about pc and isp when you gonna do a crime in which you think government agencies gonna be involve then definitely you will not be doing that from your home pc network right?

you would be looking for open wifi networks :P

Thanks for educating us on conducting cyber crimes without getting caught. :ph34r: .

But I consider all open WiFi networks as honey traps. ;)

TOR is best for privacy!

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