Is Sony Ericsson gone from Pakistan?

It has been around an year since they launched a new phone in Pakistan. Also many shopkeepers told me that no one is willing to take up warranty services for Sony Ericsson due to low sales. This is such a shame since some of Sony Ericsson phones are really exceptional and are considered the best cameraphones around. Comments?

Actually, a year back when i went for getting a mobile phone then i couldn't even find a single shop who had new Sony Ericsson phone so i had to go for Nokia. I always love Sony Ericsson. No doubt their cameras are good. But what about Advance Telecom, Mobile Zone and United Mobiles? They also don't have sony ericsson phones?

nope they are still here, my brother just bought a new song ericson cell ph just like 2-3 months ago! :) but i dont know if the new products are being sold over here, even if thats the case, there are many advanced shops who can help you in getting cell phs with ease, they charge a little extra like 2000 or 1000.. you just have goto them and order them and within 2-3 weeks you have your cell ph in yr hands :) i know two shops near boat basin in karachi and 2 shops in saddar karachi!

I tried a few shops in Clifton and Saddar but could not find it. So had to buy a Nokia. Recently, btw I received a admail from Beliscity about Sony Xperia X8. They are selling it for 25000, which is very high indeed. Also the ad does not mention under which warranty it is being offered. So its seems like that they are being imported without warranty as there are no official launches. Other online retailers are also offering them but I am not sure that they are actually available or not and are just being "listed" per se. Sony Ericsson's Pakistan website says Cedar is launched is Pakistan but I don't find it anywhere.

SE's nonavailability is due to lack of new sets from them. The last cheap sets from them came last year.

According to my info SonyEricsson Pakistan ceased its operations back in 2008, mostly smuggled sets have been sold in Pakistan, or some shipments coming Via Dubai. In 2009 Teletec Mobile got the license for sale of SE sets but i think now its awarded to Outlet Pvt Ltd, I never heard about this company, Its website is also down, You can contact Teletec mobile as their website is showing all news sets except Xperia X10.

According my information source (from hall road Lahore, one of my cousins is there in the market) they all were smuggled. Only Nokia and Samsung were having market in Pakistan but all others including SE, Moto, etc. were smuggled via local parties and packed/sealed/everything was used to be done here.

and the warranties were then offered by our well known companies if they got a nice contract with those local parties.

And now a days those parties are also well known with the name of Mobo and Q Mobile......

they offer their own warranties perhaps.... right?

I don't say it for sure, I just heard that recently and actually got surprised when got to know that every thing was used to be done here from making stickers to packaging...... and how well did they do it.

don't know about the new sony ericsson models,,,

but the following sony ericsson phones (about 35 models) are still available here in the karachi market

give me 1 day, i will let you know.. where to get those 2 cell phs, if you are interested in them , with warranty or without warranty! :) i have some friends who have cell ph shops in saddar and sarena , i will also ask them out..

i guess HTC has replaced Sony Ericsson in the market... Thts it.

^More like Samsung whacked off SE

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^More like Samsung whacked off SE

Agreed. Samsung has really emerged to be a top brand and its reliable as well. Its also giving tough time to Nokia in the lower end and middle range price market.

HTC and SE are no comparison. HTC is almost a “smartphone” only company. On the other hand SE makes very good mid range product and high end products but they have stopped producing low end products for like two to three years now. They currently don’t have even a single low end phone like Nokia 1203, 1202 etc in their portfolio. Nokia and Samsung are the top companies in that segment.

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I think Nokia is going to be a “top dog” in the mobile market for a number of years since they don’t put all their eggs in one basket. That’s what is keeping them alive. Their “range” of products is unmatched.

I also see not much big market of Sony Ericsson Mobiles phones! the company only provided 2-3 top models in their whole tenure except that none of any model impressed to compete up against Nokia, Samsung and others