Is limewire good?


Pls tell me is limewire a good p2p software? or just stick with utorrent ? i have downloaded its pro before installing it i wanna know hows it is..

install and check it

IMO torrents are the best

btw limewire is popular for music

limewire is good if u want single songs like a specific song

but if u want bigger things like movies or whole albums n stuff it is not too good

torrents are the best when it comes to larger files like movies tv shows stuff like that

so Torrents FTW!!

Torrents r best. Ares is better than limewire. Limewire does not work most of the time.

Why aren't many people familiar with torrents?They even don't know whats torrent but many knows whats limewire ,ares, why is that so? As far I am concerned torrents is really very good :)

i know about torrents and they are the best...and also i know little bit about limewire too...but today i thought of giving it a try...

limewire is good for movies and music only. but they also have alot of fake stuff. new versions of limewire are crap. i still use v4.12 :D

i use limewire pro and it works perfectly, theres also movies up there to download. i dloaded a couple off there and speed it gives is max. what ur connection can support (provided theres people having that particular file as well)

its wickedly excellent for music files. but u have to be smart to filter out the crap from the rest. Ull learn once u start using it what to dload and what not