Is it Possible to use your own router for Ptcl Broadband?


I was wondering if it is possible to purchase my own dsl router and use it instead of the kasda router provided by ptcl. The reason i am asking is i believe the router provided by ptcl might be malfunctioning as I have to restart it several times everyday. I have issued a complaint with ptcl but no support from their end so far, so I figured purchasing a router myself would be a much quicker process than dealing with ptcl customer support.

I would like to know if ptcl does not allow using personal/self purchased routers and if only the dsl routers provided by ptcl are compatible with ptcl broadband dsl?

Would appreciate any help/advice on this matter and would like to know if anyone has manged to do so themselves.

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You can configure/use your own ADSL router (or separate modem and router devices) and keep their 'Kasda' router safe in some place to return when you terminate their connection.

That is good news, thank you for the help !

I was looking at a TPLINK TD-W8970 300Mbps Wireless N Gigabit ADSL2+ Modem Router to use instead of the one provided by ptcl, well hope the"ADSL2" specification shouldn't cause any issues.

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I am into similar process, I feel any modem cum router like the one you mentioned should work. Any one who can share some experience in this area?

Any update, did it work ok?

You can use a store bought DSL modem+router device in place of PTCL provided DSL modem or PTCL modem+router and get better performance.