Is it possible to make your very own mp3 files?

how can i make DRM (Digital Right Management) or protected MP3 files which can only play with my permission code in any device like PC, mobiles, mp3 players etc.

yes i also need this

Imposible......... To Expensive............. You Need a Software...............Try Torrentz...............cant remember the software name...................maybe try Audacity :P

Audacity can make mp3 files but I don't think it can make DRM'd files...

No, Audacity doesn't support DRM.

Why do you want to use DRM anyway? It's a dying technology, and most of the web services are trashing DRM.

If you want to distribute your MP3, you'll have to pay a license fee to Fraunhoffer (or whatever it's called) or another company responsible for taking royalties. If I were you, I'd go for OGG (Vorbis format) if my device supports it. Why?

1) Smaller file sizes

2) CD-quality (literally) sound at 192Kbps (nominal) or Quality setting: 6.

3) No royalty needed to pay - it's open source.

4) A 128Kbps is regarded to be MP3's 192Kbps.

For files that carry a lower bitrate than 64Kbps, use AAC+ (not AAC) (aka enhanced AAC). For files that are above 64 and less than 128, use AAC+ or OGG or sometimes, WMA (least recommended). 128 and above - use OGG.

192 - you can achieve CD quality sound in OGG, and they say that AAC (not AAC+) achieves that, but as OGG is a variable bitrate mechanism, it results in a better compression ratio w.r.t sound.

(That's a small sound lesson) :P

You could also use OGG lossless (but I wouldn't go for that). If you want something that's lossless, go for FLAC.

Oh - and MP3's CD quality sound is supposedly achieved on 320Kbps, though some say it can be achieved at 256.

In either case, use a VARIABLE bit rate system.

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Why do you want to use DRM anyway? It’s a dying technology, and most of the web services are trashing DRM.


Right. It’s annoying and doesn’t help, anyway.