Is it possible to get access to different Pearson's instructor manuals

Is it possible to get access to different Pearson's instructor manuals?

Actually I want to acces all the things related to:

Organizational Behavior

Author: Stephen P. Robbins

Edition: 13th edition

Publisher: Prentice-Hall

See the link:

If you are an instructor

Access to Pearson's global resources is permitted only to instructors who are using or considering using Pearson products and are currently teaching at educational institutions. Pearson verifies all access requests by contacting the applicable institution to verify the requestor's status as an instructor, and that the named requestor actually made such request.

and if you are a student

If you are a student attempting to gain access to these resources, your request will be shared with your school during the verification process and, upon discovery, you will be subject to the disciplinary processes and full range of sanctions provided by your school's academic honesty policies. If you are looking for resources to help you in your courses, please visit our website for students at

or google it if you want to download it for "free" :)

^didn't found anything. Thats why I asked here.

^ So you want the stuff for free. :P Which means you are a student. Right? If yes can't you go through the whole process as mentioned on the website?