Is it possible to get 2 sim cards for the same number?

The reason I am asking is that I live in Karachi where cell phone snatching is a common phenomenon. Hence, I want to carry a cheap handset when I am in areas prone to snatching and will use relatively better set when I am at decent places.

I understand there is no decent place where you would not get robbed but chances of not getting mugged in decenent areas are slightly higher.

Is it possible to get a duplicate sim for the same number and both work.

Obvious question would be, which one should ring? but there must be some way around in this tech world.


No network issues more than one active SIM cards on same number. They will give you another SIM card after de-activating the previous one on that number.

There are also technical issues involved as well as the security/miss-use issues.

You cant get it from mobile company but you can get it cloned from local mobile market. They will copy the information stored in your sim card and transfer it to chineese made magic sim cards. So you will now have 2 or more copies of your sim card with the same IMSI (International mobile subscriber identity). So if sim 1 is already in switched on state then if you swtich on sim 2 then sim 1 will loose its signals and give you the messege "Sim card registration failed" and sim 2 will be activated. But if you restart the sim 1 Handset then sim 2 will be off and sim 1 will be activated and goes on.

^And from where I can get such clone?

Argghhhhh well. Thats why we are #1 from bottom up in most of matters. This is illegal. You can get your new sim in couple of hours so why go wrong way?

I read about sim cloning and my understanding is that it could be done in the past but today's SIMs have better security so you can't clone them. Regardless even if you can clone your SIM you should buy the necessary hardware and software and do it yourself instead of giving it to a shopkeeper because these shopkeepers have a tendency to keep copies for themselves as well.

Also only one SIM can be active at a time. If both mobiles are on at the same time your duplicate SIM is likely to be detected and your service provider will likely block both SIMs.

Just stick to a cheap and humble handset.

i dont know about the Pakistani networks providing these services but in the middle-east there are 2 services related to this topic


you can have two mobile phone numbers on one SIM card ( NUMBERs must frm same network)

have a look

2. Thunaii

Thunaii is a service that provides two different SIM Cards, both carrying one mobile phone number.