Is It Legal to make VOIP calls in Pk from Home?


I was interested in hiring couple of peoples from Pk for Marketing few products in America & Canada. I am not sure how much is the work, so I want to start off with individuals who can work in home and I can pay them. My question is, Is it legal if they make out bound calls or receive in bound calls in Pakistan through VOIP ?


AFAIK, you'll first have to get permission from PTA. Some sort call center license.

if you caught by any of pta agent you will be drop in to jail and they will charge you money that even you don't imagine

obtain license or make any powerful hakomti person behind your business for trouble backup

register as a Call Center and get Call Center license

i am not in Pk, Secondly no 1 can register from home as call center !

yes it is illegal to call through voip for sales purpose.

but its also true that most of call centers in pakistan dont have license.

you can easily bypass your isp for 5 to 10$ , no one will know that you are using voip ;)

Ok. So you think I can hire couple of peoples who can work from home

yes, no one going to stop you.

Thanks for the information !