Is having outbound links hurtful for the SEO?

Hey everybody,

I have heard a lot about how having outbound links reduces the popularity of the site. If this is true, then how come online directories have high PR? They have more outbound links than inbound? And most of the time, they do not even swap links!!

So how is it that websites lose popularity with outbound links while directories gain? Is there some deferential treatment based on the kind of site? I wanted to know if I am better off with more outbound links or should limit them to relevant sites. I appreciate your patience in reading this post.

Thank you in advance for all your help.

by outbound links if you mean if a website has links of other websites, then it does not make a diff. to site popularity at all. Inbound links do improve it, your outbound links will increase their popularity but wont effect urs own by any means.