Is facebook following strategic paths, which Google has used?

The title of this thread doesn't completely belong to the fact I am going to discuss below but it's quite relevant, I guess. It's also pointed out by another writer in some different way.

Recently when I logged in to my Windows Live Messenger, I just noticed a block of news in MSN's "Today" window. It was saying "Facebook Places a privacy nightmare".

here it goes. It's giving a detail or some awareness to the new Facebook feature "Facebook Places", you can decide whether it's only an awareness or also some bad words depreciating about Facebook's every new feature having more capabilities to compromise your privacies.

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If you're like me, when you find a place you really like, you want to tell your friends you're there. Maybe it's a new restaurant, a beautiful hiking trail or an amazing live show.

Starting today, you can immediately tell people about that favorite spot with Facebook Places. You can share where you are and the friends you're with in real time from your mobile device.


Though a pretty nice description about Facebook Places has been given above. Facebook also lets you control your other privacy and the same way it lets you to control the information you share via this new feature. But......

- How do you respond when some thing comes as already enabled (and lets you make a decision to disable it or keep it enabled)?

- What if you start using a very new feature you see on your home page without confirming your privacy settings.?

- What if you find yourself not very comfortable with the interface, where the facebook lets you decide to make yourself hidden. As some times, for some ones it's not very good to understand what it's saying actually...

Bob Sullivan, at msnbc, after collecting stuff from other blogs/news and detailing about them in his post at, gives you the tips of making your self comfortable with the new feature "Facebook Places".

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While there are several privacy layers available for use with the Places tool, the simplest way to avoid Places headaches is to opt out of automatic placement by friends. It's relatively simple, though I wish it were simpler. Visit, click on account, and then "privacy settings." Then, at the bottom of that page, click on the word "customize settings." Under the category, "Things others share," find "Friends can check me in to Places," and select "Disabled." While you are there, review your other settings and make sure you are comfortable with them.

To fine-tune your Places settings even more, look under "Things I share," and select who can see the places you check in to, and decide if you want others to see you in the "People Here Now" area. But remember, even if you limit the number of people who can see you after you check yourself in, you haven't controlled who can know if you've been checked in by a friend -- that's controlled by your friend's privacy settings, not yours. In this scenario, even if you have opted out of broadcasting your places setting, while you won't appear in the "People Here Now" area, your presence will be disclosed on your Friend's wall post unless you've disabled "Friends can check me in."


Bob linked to another blog at msnbc giving an idea that "Facebook is new Google". Just before reaching that link in the Bob's article, I was already thinking that it looks like Facebook is just following the footprints which Google has left behind. But, for sure, not with the same ideology. Google had chosen and built things differently and integrated them all from within. Whereas Facebook is just picking the ideas already built and putting them (of course with a different make over) in a single Community.

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from the link above

Google is fighting a lot of different wars now. Facebook may be the new Google on the Internet, but as mobile platforms go, Google may be the new Apple, or at least the latest hegemon to beat Apple at its own game. And with dominant positions in both search and video, Google has plenty of weapons to fight a war of the online worlds, too.


I quoted above text only because I, however, may agree with it but not fully. I think he just counted the current figures pushing up Facebook to reach Google on the internet. and in mobile platforms replacing Apple with Google.... IMO, Facebook may have built such a fan following as speedily as Google did in it's nature of business but it's not comparable to the fact how Google came up and presented its mobile platform in the devices on the shelf.

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from the same link above

Watch out, Google. You may have become king of the mountain faster than anyone before you, but that only means you've set a record for Facebook to break.


This is which can be said as universal truth, that records are made to be broken.... So it's not decided yet what's next.. Let's wait and see. or make a new one yourself :P

Any ways; I am not very much interested in sharing my location all the time but even if I have to, then instead of using Facebook Places, I'd prefer to use Google Latitude what I already have used. It's not completely like Facebook Places, it's only shared with your contacts if you want to. but it was provided to work with Google Maps/GPS when you are on the Go and turn it off when you are reached some where carefully. You don't need to be upset that who is watching me else than my friends. But as I said I am not very much interested in.

By reading all that above... what do you think about the question....

- May facebook be the new Google sooner or later in future? and how would you be benefited if it happens?

Well! I guess not. Facebook may have got the users and communities attracted towards it and still being it. But if you see the durability and the usefulness of a product, this is what Google has given. What are the uses of Facebook any way?

In my opion Facebook is totally a useless thing but at the same time people join and use it.

From last 5 or 6 days my cousin is unable to add friends. Although he didn't added any unknown people. All were his close relatives or friends.

And the games/applications/continuous invitations on facebook with certain invitations make the visit much worst.

They send you so many notifications that it become a headache for a normal person to dealt with.

And the privacy is also a big issue on Facebook due to which I recommend everyone tending towards it to avoid this ****.

Being too social on facebook and no social or less social in society is one more thing due to which I hate Facebook.

One thing I forgot is that deleting account on facebook is also very very difficult. If someone wants to leave Facebook than give him an easy way instead of creating hurdels.

At the end I would like to say that Facebook may only be "stickier" than Google but not more useful or worthwhile.

Every Post you make

Every Pic you take

Every Friend you fake

For Facebook's sake

I'll be watching you.

It is not available in Pakistan. It uses GPS


Just don't put anything you don't need to be shared. so simple.

And in my opinion, i can't speak for other members but speaking for myself only I wonder how my personal info as average citizen of pakistan might be of any marketing, strategic or monetary value to facebook and google? i wonder.

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It is not available in Pakistan. It uses GPS

It’s not that long or difficult to make it available worldwide. There is nothing to add in the App but only a flag (enable/disable) to activate it for one or more other countries or areas. Google Maps and GPS fully work in each and every iPhone all over the world, and Facebook Places based purely on these two things but in addition it stores the locational data of the users into databases and shares with others.

They would just need to add a country or an area in the list and it will be available to that specific region to work with.

But… In OP, the question was not about, that either it works in Pakistan or else where… nor even it’s about this specific Facebook feature…

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Just don’t put anything you don’t need to be shared. so simple.

And in my opinion, i can’t speak for other members but speaking for myself only I wonder how my personal info as average citizen of pakistan might be of any marketing, strategic or monetary value to facebook and google? i wonder.


This is really a nice excuse that "What Google or Facebook or any other one could get some thing from your confidential information. " or that “What your personal information [as being what ever] could be a value to your services provider”

But the thing to notice is not that. The thing which should be considered is how the information is shared with others, specifically to your known ones or apart ones (you know what I mean)?

I also studied an example, in the same article I referred to above, that was apparently correct to me. Did you consider what could happen at your home when you are publishing your status “not being home”?

It’s pretty simple to understand that in these social networking communities, not every one in your friends list, are truly friends of yours. Not only on the internet. It’s a real time example, that your personal (and specifically current) information is not secure for you when some one else (specially not a true friend of yours) knows about it.

I hope I made a clear idea about that.

But again… I’d say… It wasn’t the question about…