Is Encarta still any good?

I used it for the first time back in 1998. It was a great find at that time, considering how much it helped me during my days at school (copy & paste resource for the assignments =P). The last time i used it was somewhere in 2003. I came to know that its latest version, 2009 has been released few days back. So I was wondering after the mahoosive growth of wikipedia and google lately, is it any good using it anymore?

As far as reliable information goes, yes Encarta is still good. If considering the ever changing and new information generated in the world, wikipedia and other such resources would be more up to date.

encarta is still very good. been using it for 4 years now. actually i most use the dictionary. but this new encarta 2009 has got many cool options , i like the new maps in encarta 2009.

Thanks for the info guys, encarta 2009 is queued on my download list!

In case you dont know, there are 2 encarta 2009 out there. Microsoft Student with Encarta 2009 and Microsoft Encarta 2009. both are XISO releases. :)

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^ what do you mean by that?

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^ what do you mean by that?

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Encarta is still useful but I use internet for finding any information and cross-check it from multiple and different sources :)

Encarta is still a good source, since 2004 I've been using this software and it always gives me a reliable source of information, that is why Encarta for me is still useful. And Encarta 2009 has a great new features, it is cool to scrutinize the new edition of Encarta

I'm finally using the Microsoft student with Encarta 2009, those 3 Gbs of download is really worth it. Encarta is same as before except a few changes in the interface and here and there but the student part has really impressed me. Definitely gonna help me alot with my research work and presentations at the uni.

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