Is Elfy (Epoxy) Electrically Conductive?

Salams people! I had a washer broken from Graphics card and wanted to inquire if Elfy is electrically conductive? And can it tolerate temperatures in excess 80C? Also where in Pakistan can I get thermal pads which are used on graphics memory chips?

Why not use epoxy? At higher temperature, CA (Elfy) might not remain as effective. AFAIK, typical formulations are not electrically conductive.

You can use thermal heat transfer paste instead of pad if thermal pad availability is an issue.

You mean those? While the core needs paste, memory chips need thermal pads.

When you put the heatsink on the memory chips, does the heatsink touch the IC package or is there a gap between them?

There is a gap which is usually filled by a thermal pad and the HS through the screw makes adequate contact with it.

If the heatsink is touching and pushing down on the IC when heatsink screws are fully tight, you can use any good quality paste on the IC.