Is Reliable and authentic?

I just wanted to know if Reliable and authentic? They are offering free shipping to Pakistan but they cahrge credit card which I am hesitating to use on this website before knowing if they are reliable. Please let me know!!

its good lots of people on other forums giving positive reviews

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OP^ Do they accept Visa Debit card?

Do you people know any other website for online shopping in Pakistan (Not the local Pakistani sites) and they also deliver to Pakistan with low or no delivery charges?

they do

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Just ordered my first thing from dx. Glow in the dark nail polish. 2.5$ total. Let's see when it comes. Hope the postal people dont charge me duty.

My wife asked, what are you Buying and I told her nail polish. Her response : Hainnnnn?!?

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liquids and anything mixed with alcohol can not be ship to international destinations tell your wife it will never come and see her response :lol:

Seriously?! What about my 2.5$$$

Naheee. Do they Refund?

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I have also ordered something from

Let's see

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Why don't you get a tracking number of the shipment? Drop them an email, ask them when you can expect the shipment to arrive (tentatively). See what they say.

Ok. It has been a long time. I ordered 3 things from and None of them arrived (none had a tracking number).

Have complained but no response yet.

On the other hand, I orders 5 things for from Ali express and 4 things arrived (all had tracking info except the one that didn’t arrive). My postman told me that unregistered foreign parcels get stolen by pakpost employees hence to avoid those!!!

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:o Sad to hear that.... is best online shopping site in Pakistan.

In Lahore its delivery charges free and other cities delivery charges apply only 350 Rs.

I have brought

that never shipped............ :(

Yes, it iis reliable and authentic in my case. I ordered about 8 things last year (total $100, paid through CC) and they all arrived. Took about a little over a month which is a bit longer that what they had stated earlier but everything arrived in one piece.

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My wife asked, what are you Buying and I told her nail polish. Her response : Hainnnnn?!?

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Hahahah … Let us know when you get it !!

I had a different experience with them. Turned out it was me who was unreliable for them. I paid through my Australian PayPal account, but asked them to deliver it to Pakistan. As I was not expected to be there when parcel arrives, so I provided my neighbor's address. After payment confirmation, they started asking me for a number of documents, like passport scan, paypal payment page snapshot, etc. I provided all of those docs. Then they asked for photo id of the recipient, which I refused to give, but instead asked them to ship the product to my own address and provided my proof of address. But they cancelled the order and refunded payment. Got me pi**ed and I will not be using dx ever. Instead thinking of AliExpress now, but the registered post with tracking number is an important thing. I have ordered a number of items from and all of them arrived because there always was a tracking number for the package and they always make sure to declare value of package around $20, so no custom so far. Not sure how AliExpress handles this.

So far I have only used and, Both have been pretty reliable for me and dozens of parcels came through not one was missed. Just make sure your order is $15.00 or more when ordering from fasttech and , Use the coupon code "Bulkrate" if the item is 2 or more pcs. This would give you a tracking number + Registered mail for just additional $1.99 and you are sure to get the parcel..

I have ordered through my swiss paypal account and have emailed them to change the address to Pakistan ALL THE TIME , they never once asked about the photoID or anything else. Pak-post has been quite reliable for me and the postman in my area is such a decent guy. He has a sohrab cycle but delivers faster than DHL, I literally have recieved items in less than a week from china. If anyone is looking to buy anything from these two sites just get a tracking number..

Also once they ship your parcel either its liquid or anything else , If it's in a proper container or hard-case the post will forward it to the destination.. Just dont order anything breakable/fragile otherwise ask them to send it in an aluminium case or a plastic case that usually are quite cheap and you can still use them in the household!

Lucky u! may be I got a bad CS rep or whatever; they did not even bother explaining to me why they cancelled my order despite providing all the docs.

do we have to pay duty at the time of delivery and there are no duty or customs applied while chipping to pak