Is Any one eager to play new cricket 2011?

last ea cricket came in end 2006.

i m bored to paly this again n again.

i want,thr must be new cricket game soon.

Who like to play new one cricket?

Go play some real cricket.


you play on XBoxlive?

no but wana seeeeeeeeee my team in nxt wrld cup wining

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Go play some real cricket.

LMHO!! good one.

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Go play some real cricket.

x 100 :P

The last Ea cricket I played was cricket 2007

^me too! i used to play 20overs match and score more than 300 runs. :lol: Its kind of fun.

Yes .... I want to play the game.

But i dont like the graphics. i wonder why dont they follow Fifa... Fifa has wonderful graphics.

Hell no, Sports games are a big NO for me, and when its cricket, i can't even stand the sight of it. Just don't ask me why


im crazy about those games

Would love to Play.

Any 1 who is bored of playing a single cricket game try these tricks u love a lot and u even have to struggle to win

Select a team of all bowlers in one days and then play u will see you have to make a strong game play

Or with normal team lose first 6 to 7 wickets by yourself and then play with bowlers its a strange fun

I remember in ea cricket 2007 that i play with pakistan :)) only bowlers are there with 2 alrounders,Pakistan were 167/9 in 34 overs against india in india and then they made 343/9 in 50 overs because of danish kaneria made 123* and shoaib Akhter made 53* not out and india lose that match bowled out for 121 ahahahahaaaaa

^ Sounds incredibly boring.

^ x2