Is Antec 902 available in Pakistan?

Is Antec 902 available in Pakistan ?

If so could someone tell me where. Also could tell me if there is any Antec supplier here.

Maybe you could talk to the Galaxy guys, but I am currently not aware of someone publicly dealing in Antec cases. How would you like me to help?

Well I don't have connections in the market, so I was wondering since you said you were going to look into the HAF 922, I assumed you were going to call someone from the market. If my assumption was wrong, then I apologize.

No need to apologize. I was doing most of my "searching" on the phone, actually it wasn't even me but one of my managers. I shall keep a lookout for Antec products, will update if and when something comes up.

I don't think connections in the market matter much. You can roam around the market all day and still not find these branded products, mainly because they are very niche products and no one wants to stock something that may or may not sell. Your best bet is a well-attended forum such as this one, where you can try to find someone with experience in the relevant product segment. Or you could get someone to bring it for you from Dubai maybe, or even Taiwan. Its slightly more expensive in Dubai and not a lot cheaper in Taiwan. If I had not found it at Galaxy, I would have had it brought over from Taiwan. It is slightly more convenient for me as I have some connections there, but not very cost-effective.

Are you sure you want this case?

Its for US $174 plus shipping on ebay, and I find that these products are quite cheaper there but not this case. Are you sure you wouldn't want a Thermaltake, Cooler Master or one of so many other options?

I guess it aint worth it.

I do feel disappointed though.

I guess I will either go for a CM 690 or HAF932!

Thanks mate!

I am also leaning towards the 932 as opposed to the 922. It just seems to be a better value-for-money deal. It is marginally expensive (additional Rs. 2,300 from Galaxy) but is supposed to be better at cooling, cable management and internal space.

See this:

Definitely, the 932 is waay better than the 922. You can never compare a mid tower to a full tower, that's just crazy talk.

The CM690 is a good prospect too. Its got space for 7 fans (someone fitted 8 fans), and has more room than the CM scout.

But I will surely miss the Antec 902.

Hey the 902 is back: