Is 1536/384 profile also availble on I mb student or Normal 1 mb?

I have noticed many places in karachi 1mb i.e 1024/256 were before has been upgraded to (1536/384=down/up) profile.But mine 1 mb student is not upgraded at 1536/384 yet .how can i tell them to upgrade mine and why they change it from 1024/256 to 1536/384 at many places????

its up to their can't actually demand that. If they want to do it on your no. then it i'll be done otherwise you can't legitimately get it on demand.

i have (1536/384=down/up) profile but speed is same of 1mb.. and my friend got 2mb profile on 1mb student package but he is also getting 1mb speed ... does profile upgrade does matter ?

nope...only enhances the get speed according to package plan.

what is the difference b/w 1024/256 and 1536/384 profile in 1m package ? I also heard that on 1536/384 profile better speed can be acheived of 1mb rather than 1024/256 correct me if i m wrong ?what is the main logic behind all that and why they upgrade line profiles?

someone reply

This profile is for 1mb student package as well.

It is meant to enhance, or maximize the speed, as already said. Theoretically, you can get 128KB/s max speed on 1024kbps (1mb) connection. On this profile, this speed is achieved and can go up to 130KB/s, or even 140KB/s at times when you experience a speed burst. But it will not remain constant and will fall down to max 1mb speed.

From what i heard, they are increasing the speed allocation in order to compensate for the bad line quality. For example, if someone has a bad line and they get very low speeds on a 1 MB connection, their connection might be upgraded to a higher speed so that they can at least get the normal speeds of 1MB.

@mathbatra : but they didnt upgrade my line profile to 1536/384.I hav slow speed issues with 1024/256.How can i upgrade my line profile to 1536/384 and when they will upgrade all 1mb packages.Is 1536/384 profile only for normal 1mb or for both normal and student as well?

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dear this thing seems to be show on those lines where the packages have been upgraded on the 2mb as per recent double up offer of PTCL,,, but main and technical reason is that the ports have nt been properly upgraded on the 2mb... due to which those who are using 2mb in the status as per offer are also having this 1.5 mb bandwidth on there modem consoles.................. and all in this issue some customers who have not ordered for the 2mb upgradation, are also getting 1.5mb speed by mistake....................... so those who have upgraded to 2mb and getting 1.5mb should contact 1218--2 to launch a complain of there port upgradation and the remaining ones should enjoy the speed in free............. :)

@ vick:i m talking about line profile upgradation not the package upgradation. I know about that package of ptcl shifting normal 1mb users to 2mb till 30th june.Anyone else reply about 1mb profile upgrade from1024/256 to 1536/384?????

I also saw my couson's 2m that is before 2048/512(down/up).Now his line profile automatically upgraded to 2560/640.How they upgrade ? .I also want to upgrade my 1mb 1024/256 line profile to 1536/384.reply????

@above and all with the same question. This won't effect speed much significantly. They are doing this to provide best out of your package. So that you can get max speed out of ur existing package. This is upto them to upgrade the port NOT on customer's request. They are doing this one by one. When your account or exchange turn will come, and they'll think that it'll make any difference to your speed, then they'll upgrade your profile rate.

@ Jammes

Yeah. Its upto PTCL to decide if they upgrade line or not. Maybe if you complain to them that you are not getting optimal speeds, then they might upgrade your package.

@rnathbatra i complained many times since 3 weeks that i am not getting optimal speed but still did not get upgraded

@mib348: Yes u r absolutely right I also hav launced several complain about very slow download speed but they didnt do any thing like that . They didnt upgrade my line profile to 1536/384 also???

hmmm what should we do now?