Iran for Tourism: travel questions

Has anyone here traveled to Iran for tourism? Has anyone gone there by bus? I know people regularly visit places like KSA and UAE, but not Iran. Tried a travel agency and he asked if I wanted to go there for a pilgrimage, but when I asked if he was offering a muta'a special discount, he hung up. I guess he didn't like me groping for a rate reduction.

But seriously, I have heard an Iran entry stamp can impede travel to other fantastic places which I am unlikely to visit.

So my questions:

1. How do I get in? Can I get in without a visa, be granted access by "gatekeepers" - I have heard that's the usual deal but hearsay is pointless.

If I have to get a visa, is it recommended to go through a travel agent?

2. How do I get there? There are tracks from Baluchistan to Iran, but I doubt a passenger train runs on the rails. Bus? Airplane?

3. Budget: Iran occurred to Wire because of the lint and moths which outnumber stanknotes in his pocket. How much is a 10 day trip likely to run?

I like that there is basically no useful info on the WWW about Spring Break in Iran. That's when I turn to WP. :ph34r:


you will take the risk at your life if you travel through the roads, because government has no writ outside the capital city of Baluchistan Quetta...which means you will be traveling at desert with no police / medical protection (air travel is recommended)


First, Iran is totally different from the Arab world. It might not make sense for you, but there is huge difference between Iran and the rest of the Islamic countries in term of religion and country laws, which shapes the country. Iran is full of shitta arrogant and angry matter you are business travel or tourists but they will treat you as you are spaying on them from Americans...There are restriction, discrimination (Shia Muslims only accepted. Although there is other followers while they treat them with injustice, moral collapse, homophobia and so on its pretty much going from heaven to hell

Visa Info

for Pakistanis Iran is in visa on arrival list countries, just go there and they will issue you a visa for 15 days stay

Just go to the Iranian Consulate, and they will guide you through the process.

But make sure you tell them exactly you plan to do there.

If you are going for pilgrimage plus travel then I am afraid visa might be difficult as in other countries as well. You must choose to either travel or go for pilgrimage, otherwise you will be questioned by police and may be detained for illegal entry in various places.

Also, you best travel via air since all other options are now dangerous.

Why go to Iran, when you can go to Iraq instead? :ph34r:



Hey! wire dude!
First of by Bus you'll be killed in Balochistan, so you won't reach Iran. End of story and happy travelling. :P

Wait up peoples! I am getting conflicting info - is any country mad enough to allow Pakistanis visa on entry? I don't want my passport stamped and would prefer to avoid the hassle and expense of a visa.

Is a Pakistani more suspicious once he's been to Iran? Anyway, any stamp is best avoided if possible.

I get these grand visions of places I'll go and people I'll meet, and wake up in my own sweat. Karachi summer! You own my soul once more! :angry:

I was hoping the esteemed and well traveled WP community would have some first hand knowledge.

PS. @armada tu ethay?


Your "چشم انداز بزرگ" is gonna get you killed or WORSE.... :o

Persian () ain't worth that since shah of Iran IMHO... :unsure:

How bout Cyprus?

^That's a good idea actually, I was going with Iran because it's close, and has a thriving # culture. I also expect it to be much cheaper than flying to Europe. And isn't Cyprus EU? That means a Schengen visa application.

I would much rather go with Egypt. Not as crisp as Syria, but still warm. I wonder if they allow Hindustanis to get close enough to gawk at the white women in (Bay)Sharm-el-Sheik.

So alternative for the richer but still budget conscious WP'er this summer are Egypt, Cyprus; other suggestions are welcome. I would have said Ukraine but the racism might be a real problem right now.

My first choice remains Iran. Failing that, a bus ride to Islambad. Most likely, many hours thinking, typing and talking about a trip which won't happen. Destination WP!

Yep Cyprus in is EU. Waisey ager Schengen visa mil jaey to vacations ke sath sath future bhi sanwar jaey ga IYKWIM.... unless you're thinking about & be done with Iran on bus in under 2k :huh:

But I guess your main goal is to have plenty of bangs for your half buck.... so I think Dubai it is then. and don't worry about Egyptian, Persians, Syrians, Lebanese blonds, P-akis, dogs eaters, cow worshipers, takka tigers, red necks, OBEs, camels & their toes and absinthe.

They have everything for everybody ..... So it not bad even to re-visit.



^ Dubai is a one place to visit and enjoy.. its like the whole globe compresed into one tiny country.. even seeing all of what dubai has to offer will take atleast one more visit covering a time range of minimum 1 week per visit.. it is huge , constantly revamped and every 6 months something new will always come up

as for egypt, the sights to behold are amazing in there, as long as you stay between cairo and Alexandria (the city, not your subscription online companion).. cairo is a dull place overall, except the giant breath taking monuments in museum, pyramids and the light laser show that goes on at night . its all in arabic gibberish but still its like an open air planetarium like experience which is still great. alexandria is a proper city with beach, locales to see, lots of food, and warm climate, sometimes very humid.. also, the museums are there too. local Tanga driving and since the recent uprising, a lot less conservative and lot more smaller dresses..if you are weak of heart, you will experience a lot more uprising yourself.. if condition remains for more than 4 hours, consult your local doctor immediately.

Egypt visit can be completely done in 10 days including rest, leisure walks and relaxation..

* Excerpts from the "Safarnama" by Dr. Farhan.

^Did you need a visa - how long does it take for Egypt? Visa turn around may be a limit. I don't need a visa for Costelloabad, however.

I need the trip over by end of June. Need to hop on and off the sin wagon :P

I am likely to travel alone, it seems likely Dubai is a safer bet I won't be bored. I do fear the " No Hindustanis and Dogs Allowed" factor with most GCC. For me, the best escape is a holiday from third world colonial reality.

We visited in a family trip a few years ago.. Visa was definite then..

but processing is fast since not many people go to egypt anymore since the internal you may get early response, plus egypt is on good list of EU countries so you wont be thrashed in future like iran visa stamp..

a far far more sight seeing and historical value place is Thailand, with montessaries and temples with just statues bigger than K-2...but lots of walking in any place where you intend to go for sight seeing..

Nobody ever gets bored of visiting Dubai and Japan Again and Again and Again..

Well dubai might be a good place to meet whores from all around the World also dubai is all just indoor/bed luxury and all the places are man made , you might get bored after second or third visit... :blink:

Go visit eastern Europe places such as Cyprus Romania Czech Republic Croatia Hungary etc where everything is natural whether its woman or a place :)

Hindustanies are allowed to visit any place they want in GCC except some places in KSA, and yes dogs and other pets can't be taken to mosques, supermarkets in GCC.

^ Man made everything and everything for rent? You know, the desert is beautiful but I doubt you can see the actual desert in Dubai. Maybe if you are a rafeeq, you will get invited to see how the real money lives.

That's why I didn't include Dubai and places like that as a summer destination. I need a break from the relentless colonialism and enchanting backwardness of Pakistani society. To experience more of the same in Dubai is my idea of a good time, but maybe not in the high summer humid stench of pavement baked bird droppings.

POLIO: Is there a deadline when travelers exiting Pakistan must show they are polio-pak? Isn't there some rule which exempts people who have been in the country for a short period of time - is that an incentive to travel more often?