IPTV and smart TV with set top box

I want to know that There is any difference in IPTV and smart TV with set top box (standalone package)? What is the difference in IPTV and smart to with set top box?


PTCL offers 2 methods to access their Smart TV (product name) platform:-

1. Multicasting over separate PVC: This allows separate bandwidth to be allocated for the TV stream! You can also watch the stream on other devices if you configure your router as such so you might not need the STB!

2. OTT: Over The Top means that the TV stream uses your internet bandwidth like any other streaming video from the web ... is rate adaptive but 2Mbps is needed for better performance!

Both can be categorized under IPTV though some would prefer to separate OTT from it but it doesn't matter for the end user as far as both offer quality, reliability and good user experience (sadly, currently lacking all for both offerings by PTCL)!

So, you have to decide upon your needs (like Smart TV in the living room would be better with STB due to Remote Control) and your bandwidth requirements!