Ipod Touch 16 GB For Sale

I want to sell my Ipod Touch (16 GB).

I had bought it quite long time ago but still, its screen protector is intact. It is 16 GB. Firmware in it is 3.1

The accessories along with it would include:

Ipod Touch

Data Cable

Handfree(they are not Apple's handsfree as they were crappiest I have ever seen and I bought new Sony Ericsson's handsfree throwing away Apple's).

The price is 10k (10 thousand). THIS IS FULL AND FINAL.

I have reduced the price because I do not use wifi on it and recently I just got a chance to check and it was revealed that its wifi was NOT working at that time for some reason..

I need ONLY cash and NO negotiations. . I will tell you the place where you can get from me; just check the item by yourself and I will not be responsible for ANYTHING once you take it from me and go home (everything works fine and there are many many games in it. In fact, you really do NOT need to have more games in it).

Location: Lahore

Reason For Selling:

I am in the need of money n next few months for some projects and I am selling my beloved accessories for that.

I will also be offering you all torrent invites as well for downloading more games for Ipod touch..

The roughness you see on the screen is due to the screen protector. Change the protector and it will be fine.


7k from me....

Price is reduced..

BUMPing the thread..Just mail me via this forum to all those who are interested..!

IF 8.5K possible then Contact me..!!

minimum 9k...No less than that at all...Otherwise, I gonna exchange it with he mobile.

So tell me..if you are interested...


im down for buying it...is it still for sale???

^It is still for sale.

Though some deals are in progress..

Are you interested..??

9K my FnF offer!!!

yes i want to buy it and tell the price again and ur phone number....and what is it its G

^I mailed you..

You send me mail:

dogarsahab at live.com

It's 1G and price is 9k fnf...as this is 16GB and working all fine.

can u upload a picture of the back....i want to see more details first


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