iPhone 7 to hit market before next Christmas with $849 price tag

NEW YORK: Though the iPhone users have not bored of the Apple’s latest gadget iPhone 6 so far, yet this one of the biggest IT companies is going to release new model of iPhone series. Hopefully, iPhone 7 would hit the limelight across the world before the next Christmas by third quarter of 2015.

Having powerful processor, additional features, better specs and impressive display, this new handset would cost at around US$649 to US$849, which excludes a possible contract fee.

To provide better viewing experience, it is expected that the iPhone 7 might have a screen size bigger than that of the iPhone 6 Plus. Avoiding past mistakes from the iPhone 5, the company will make sure that its future release will be equipped with a screen with superior clarity. There are also talks that the usual physical home button will be removed due to the inclusion of TouchID sensor. The feature will enhance the user-friendly touch navigation for users if such will materialize. Users can also expect the device to use face recognition method to unlock the phone.

Apple iPhones are known for its exceptional camera specs and the tech company will make sure that you will have no need for a digital camera. To be equipped of a 14 megapixel camera is also speculated.

Apple strives to provide the best performance for its devices and iPhone 7 will be no exception. Speculations of having a quad-core A8 processor or even higher is expected which will allow the device to perform and multi-task to a higher level.

iPhone 6 Plus is already available in 128GB memory, which makes it rather impressive. So expect the upcoming iPhone version to set a higher benchmark which will give its competitors a hard time to beat. iPhone 7’s memory could be 256GB or even higher.

The new device is also expected to be 4G equipped providing better connectivity for smoother internet streaming. Other applications are also expected to be injected in the new iPhone version.

Given the powerful new features and specs, the device would definitely need the support of an equally powerful battery. A new battery technology is expected to be in the works to provided extended hours of usage for the new device in a single charging.

Let’s hope for the best.