iPhone 6 working in full swing to manufacture 50 million sets

NEWYORK: There will not be shortage of supply of launches in 2014, before the end of December as the company will have ample stocks of 50 million freshly-minted units.
According to sources in Asia, Digi Times of Taiwan is claiming that the company is indeed making the best efforts to stabilize the iPhone 6 supply at the soonest possible time.Apple CEO Tim Cook has admitted that supply of the iPhone 6 for the next few months may not reach the ideal level due to heavy demands worldwide. Initial sales figures for the latest model showed that the device has attracted more than 10 million buys in the United States alone. These numbers have doubled as Apple started taking -orders in China.Before the iPhone 6 release date this year, analysts have forecasted that at least 60 million units will get is grabbed before the close of 2014. The sales prediction was going as high as 80 million though it remains doubtful if Apple would be able to produce that much.
Cook himself has conceded that a balance on supply and demand may not be realized until early 2014.It appears now that manufacturing activities of the device is in full swing as DigiTimes said that the company equally split its iPhone 6 orders in the last quarter of 2014 between Foxconn and Pegatron.According to reports IPhone is getting more popular in specific markets like China and a number of Asian destinations.
In addition to that iPhone 6 contract awarded by Apple, Pegatron also won the right to assemble some of the iPad Mini 3 units that will hit the market in the months and quarters ahead.Sales performance, however, of the third-gen 7.9-inch iPad Mini is likely to be cannibalized by the $100-cheaper iPad Mini 2 and possibly by the emergence of the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus as a more portable small tablet alternative, analysts said
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clever tactic to boost there sales and demand, by saying there is too much demand, sneaky corporate !@#$%^&*, its always about the money for them.