iPhone 6 Plus vs. Galaxy Note 4

The iPhone 6 Plus stack up against the competition Namely Samsung's brand new - and similarly sized- Galaxy Note 4. Samsung is known for its feature-rich (some would say "overflowing"), utilitarian designs but it's slowly coming around to metal designs with the Alpha and now the Galaxy Note 4. The biggest change for Apple is the screen - after years of keeping just about the same size and sharpness, the company took the plunge


Apple iPhone 6 Plus over Galaxy Note 4:

· Thinner - 7.1mm vs. 8.5mm

· Phase-detection autofocus

· Slo-mo video - 240fps mode vs. 120fps mode

· 64GB and 128GB versions

· Tap-to-scan (no swipe) fingerprint sensor

· Dual-LED flash vs. single LED

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 over iPhone 6 Plus:

· Bigger, sharper display - 5.7" QHD vs. 5.5" 1080p

· Higher resolution still camera - 16MP vs. 8MP

· Better video recording - 2160p (stereo sound) vs. 1080p (mono)

· Expandable storage

· General-purpose NFC

· Heart rate and blood oxygen saturation sensors

· Better front-facing camera - 3.7MP/1440p vs. 1.2MP/720p

· Bigger, user-replaceable battery

· Faster LTE (on Snapdragon version only)

Optional dual-SIM

GSMarena did a compare a while ago: http://www.gsmarena.com/iphone_6_plus_vs_galaxy_note_4-review-1161p11.php

Honestly though, they're both for their respective customers. Apple fans will never settle for the Notes, and Android junkies will say crap about the iDevices.

So really, it comes down to the user's preferences...

True said. but i think might be helpful a little bit during migration from one platform to another.


Note all the way though am using iphone.

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True said. but i think might be helpful a little bit during migration from one platform to another.


Anyone who even asks to compare buying between 6+ and note for buying decision, (obviously would know alot about apple and android) should always buy the 6+..

because 6+ is a brand new Galaxy Note 2, and white color with itunes.... for the same price of a note 4.. and ofcourse because most importantly, it is , made by apple.

the 6+ is an absolute steal, best phone ever..!!! (i am serious you gaiizz..!!!)

With bending options as well :)

Purchased Note4 for my younger brother yesterday and believe me It's more than awesome :)

^ that is because it is. :) its is Morawesome.

new nexus is note 4 at 3/4 price without stylus

LG G2,/G3 are everything note 3 at half the price without stylus.

Xaiomi Redmi note is same note 2 at quarter price

iphone 6 plus is note 2 at 4x price..

Conclusion: iphone is the greatest product in the whole world.. better than pringles..... (super sirious)

Display? New super amoleds by sammys? Not counting that?

New bolay tu, that extra white pixel ;)

Testing Side Sync 3.0 Another awesome feature by Samsung and after 5 years, iOS will introduce it with some iName :D Typed from keyboard of my PC via Side Sync