Iphone 4G 16Gb Brand new factory unlocked for sale

A friend of mine is coming to Pakistan in December . He will arrive in Lahore on 17th Of December. He is bringing iPhone 4G Brand New Factory Unlocked 16GB.

Price is 800 CD $

If you need any thing from Canada, You can also PM Me. I will quote you prices !

Dude 800$ is too much for iphone 4g.... I know it's available for like $300 in U.S and Canada.. So you are charging 500$ extra?? Please explain this..

Moreover, I am looking for Apple Macbook pro.. but I don't want to give $500 profit on it.. SO if you have good price, let meknow..



you can't get a factory unlocked for $300 even in your dreams. check factory unlocked price at apple website.

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Dude 800$ is too much for iphone 4g… I know it’s available for like $300 in U.S and Canada… So you are charging 500$ extra?? Please explain this…

Moreover, I am looking for Apple Macbook pro… but I don’t want to give $500 profit on it… SO if you have good price, let meknow…



wtf… :P

lol dude… which US and canada you talking about? those on MARS? or JUPITER?

you must have confused the contract phones to factory unlocked ones…

lol guys its 800 Canadian Dollars...which is almost 68000 PKR


Sorry guys.. I was wrong this time.. yep.. I am human..!!!

Unlocked iphone is expensive.. yep 16GB is $659 .. and if you add $100 to the shipping it's $759.. So yea this is a good deal..

What about Macbook Pro.. Is it possible for your friend to bring that if I pay promptly?

Let me know.

Yes he can bring the macbook Pro. No Problem. Dude, Probably you are talking about CHINESE iphone. You should buy them from local market . They would be under 150$ I believe. Hope you find any macbook pro under 700bucks.

J.K, well email me on

hihaseeb @ gm41l dot kom

replace gmail . com and send me link, I will figure it out.

Hello Punk,..

No need to be sarcastic. I admitted my mistake that i was wrong.. I was not talking about chinese iphone.. I mistook it for the normal iphone 4g available under contract in U.S.

I need Macbook pro and I need it real bad... I need the 8 gb ram with core i5.. Is this something your friend can bring from Canada? and if so, how much will he charge for it?

Let me know.



if you order it online to my address. I will give it to him and he will charge 100-150$ on top of it !


Mate first of all are you the owner of pakwheels.com????????

You mean I order it online to your address? or the address of your friend in canada?

Let me know..




No I am not the owner. I am just the Moderator. Well My Or my Friend Address. We both live in Canada !

But the shipment must arrive before 12th of December

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you can’t get a factory unlocked for $300 even in your dreams. check factory unlocked price at apple website.


There is no such thing as factory unlocked iphone in US, not sure about canada.

Also you are right about the price, they sell for like $199 and $299 with a contract and around $700 on ebay etc.

so what happened here?? Did the buyer actually order his iphone 4G?

Hoping for some happy ending :)

It's a great device by the way.

hey guys..... 800 CN$ are Rs 71200(approx...)

So this is a very very reasonable price.....

though dont think that am showing offf....

am just a student...................

factory unlocked iPhone is really expensive......

am planning on saving money to buy an iPhone 4g...

wish me luck.


People said, they will pay when they will get it. So I didnot took pre order. Sold them on market price which was higher....


iPhone 5 is coming in July. So by that time, you might have to save more :)

iphone is like tooooooo formal if its not jailbroken... i suggest you go for jailbroken one... you just need to have a little info on that stuff... because iphone is amplified by the apps... and to use the good apps for free you should have it jailbroken.. jailbreaking doesn't mess up or has no drawbacks... i jailbroke my factory unlocked iphone :D...

the point is, u said factory unlocked are bit expensive, yea they surely are... but if you are gettin a jailbroken one.. thats a better deal since you get free apps which are expensive at app store.. plus you can tweak your phone according to the way you like... jailbreaking doesn't put up glitches in network performance or phone's performance :)