iPhone 4 Cell Phone Screen Protectors screen sticker

Hi, Guys

I am selling Iphone Screen Protector Stickers. You may also see below specifications of it.

1.Top materials,good quality;

2. Wear protective film scratch the surface treatment, scratch index was 3H.

3. The anti-UV ray protective film processing, to prevent ultraviolet damage to the eyes.

4. Reduce the reflection up to 90% light transmission rate of 99%, clear and vivid images, protect image quality color distortion.

5. Long time not because of deterioration, not like other corrosive adhesive paste left on the screen surface, safe and reliable. Repeatable paste, without leaving any traces, non-corrosive surface.


1. LCD screen effectively prevent scratches and wear;

2. Surface anti-static, difficult to gather dust is contaminated;

3. The use of advanced coating technology, direct hard hitting corner fingerprinted;

4. Special anti-reflective, glare function, eliminating 98% of the external environment, reflected light, strong glare;


whats ur demand?

you mean its for iPhone 4g?


location ?

can you supply in quantity?

Please text me on my cell, max quantity 50 pics.

i do deals in it. i can supply in quantity for more details PM me

do u have 3gs protector?