Iphone 3gs for 200 euros/ piece ...real or fake?

salam wiredpakistan

i came across this man named David Edward

Contact details :

(Marketing Manager)

Davies Edward

Email : mobilescom_ltd@hotmail.com




check these above posts made by him on different forums

though we exchanged a few mails and he gave me tracking nos for www.ups.com and www.usps.com as a proof of his being an honest man

but by far i think its just a big scam on his part

i would really like ur take on the situation

cx if this guy is real... we all have a BIG reason to smile :D

a Big fake.. there are many others just like him offering expensive stuff at rates to die for. and i must say they r very good at convincing people.They use many tactics ...like one guy whom i contacted like 10 years ago on being asked what would be da guarantee that he wont con me and run away wid my money.He said you can send money through western union ( ppl asking money through that r always scamming ) and i can set a password with western union.On receiving da goods i can disclose da password to him and only then he will be able to get da money from western union. Dont know how he wud've pulled dat one out but it sure was a scam.

At WPF, we delete such spammers right off the bat. It is a pretty well known scam post format and method.

thanks guys

i made my czn in uk to contact him and do hand to hand business

and he just slipped away

surely he was a scammer:)

Thx Guys once again