Ipad purchasing help

i want to get ipad the new model from states

i wanna use it in middle east


if i paid the full amount 829 $

then 3g function will work with me in middle east or still only available on AT&T

You should wait for International launch or at least wait few days if not weeks after 3g release in the US, this would certainly be clear in coming days, release is tomorrow I think?

Yes it would work as apple is giving all iPads unlocked.

@Ali3333; Yes! about iPads currently it is said to be factory unlocked. Just have been discussed on the forums. But I never read any thing specific to it officially from Apple. but they specify that there is no contract like you have to be stick with AT&T in US.

However the following content from gulf news shows as well that the they will work in UAE.

The things you got to know probably will be there at http://gulfnews.com/business/technology/should-i-buy-the-ipad-now-or-wait-1.620334

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Before we even get into using the iPad, there are a few things you'll need to know.

First, make sure you have a converter for American electrical plugs. All the iPads available in the UAE were originally meant for the American market(They were shipped from US without any modifications), so they don't have European or UK plugs. This won't be a problem for most people, but I forgot about this and had to wait until I got home to charge it since I didn't have a converter at the office.

Second, you're going to need wireless internet access at home. It's probably safe to assume that if you're buying the iPad, you probably have a wireless network installed, but there are bound to be a few who don't. You're in for a nasty shock if you don't have one, since there is no way to physically plug the device into a network and most of the best features of the iPad, including most of the apps, require internet access. If you're hoping to stay connected at all times, you might want to consider waiting for the 3G version of the iPad, which is expected to be released sometime during the summer.

Finally, make sure you have some content on the device. Don't expect to be able to get it directly through the device's wireless connection unless you have an iTunes account. There is no iTunes "store" in the Middle East, and buying media from iTunes in the US and the UK requires a credit card issued in those countries.


its very sad today when i opened the DHL parcel frm US.....and got my 3G IPAD ,,, apple used the micro sim technology for the 3G.

the sim size is very tiny i think more then 50 % smaller then actual gsm sim. which is not available in the middle east :(((((...

You can cut your current sim to make it work with the ipad, just google for the tutorials.

^^ thanx.... i done it.....