Ip conflict error

i am getting this error from past 4 5 days,

THERE is an Ip address conflict with another system of the network..

how can i change my ip? as my lan settings are set to obtain an ip address automatically

i have 831cII modem.

edit:the internet's working perfect,but that popup annoys me,even when i click the close button it pops up again.

change your IP settings to Auto assign

it's already set to auto !

so then change it....set a static IP!

i have tried using and so on but the problem still exists & i can't access internet when i manually set up an ip address.

Same problem here....but couldn't find the solution...

i am using now and it's working fine..i only got that error twice.but now it's gone

The problem occurs when two PCs connected to same DHCP network get assigned one IP address.

1. Make sure to set all PCs are set to "Auto Assign..." or assign unique IP address to each PC manually.

2. Change your modem/router to verify if ts faulty or not.

i just have only one computer connected to the modem,

the problem is almost gone. after changing it to 5