IP camera to Protect Baby

Dear friends,

I need your help. We suspect that our sister in law is abusing her two year old baby girl. The baby is too small and does not speak fully. However, we have noticed several things that has put us on alert. My brother baby’s father is not yet aware of our concerns. Only my youngest brother live with them. I live upstairs in a separate flat with my family. And my sister lives near by. First we ignored our suspicion but as time passes we have noticed other things and we cannot let it go unchecked any more.

We want to install a couple of hidden cameras to collect the evidence. We know how IP cameras work but we need a hidden camera system that we can control remotely. We want to install them in living areas not in bathroom or bedroom.

We need advice on how to find the cameras. Where to hide them and how to wire them.

We are willing to pay for the service.

We are hoping that our suspicions are untrue. But if they are not we are afraid that a little baby is in danger.

Any help will be highly appreciated :pray:


Hello !
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