iOS Iphone/ipad free Quran app recommendation

I am looking for genuine 100% free Quran app with audio recitation. Majority of Quran apps in app store which are free, are not really free but has in app purchase of audio and even to unlock the whole Quran

I am simply looking for Quran app with audio recitation with no hidden in app purchase to unlock the part of app.

P.S: Well I am not being cheap here to save few dollars. Actually its for someone who doesn't have credit card to setup itune account, I know him but not that well enough to furnish my credit card info to his itunes account. Either way I am eager to find him free
Quran version since its sawab and good deed. If there was to way pay cash and buy app but there isn't any so suggestion form members would be good deed.

You should download this “Quran mobile application”, its available for free. Through this app, you can recite Quran with tarjuma and tafseer. And also listen Quran (Tilawat e Quran) in multiple Qari voices.

Here are the download links for Android and iOS