Inverter to power a modem and router

Hello, I need a low power, cheapest possible, inverter to power a PTCL provided modem and TP-Link router for 1 hour.

Any advice on it?

build ur own :D get a rechargeable battery for 300 rs ..da ones you get in da rechargeable fans... take it to some techie tell him u need da charge terminals to be connected to a power outlet so get a plug n wire hooked up to da terminals.

Then the dishchargin plates to be connected wid again a wire and shud have a jack dat fits in your modem.Ofcourse u wud be needing some resistors /capacitors to match da input voltage needed for ur modem.

Theoratically it shud work dnt know practicaly ... and if watever i said had a huge blunder in it then forgive me ...never studied engineering :P I always wanted to do dis thing but never bothered because of da reason just mentioned :D . Maybe you can :D

Or you can just buy an inverter from da market ..wud cost about 1500rs i think ...and connect it to an external battery.

If you are in Islamabad I can make you a power supply for your DSL modem and broadband router. It will charge the batteries and power the modems, you wont need adapters either.

It will require 2 6v4.5AH batteries, that will cost you around 800rs.

and other stuff will cost around 500rs (veroboard + ready made ac to dc adapter or things to make a stable ac to dc adpater, other cheap stuff)

I will make the circuit and do all the soldering and stuff for free, if you get me all the required components(easily available from college road)